sorry i been awol, we had to euthanize our beloved gizmo dog and all eyes were upon me to make the decision for mom, the dr did say like 3 times it was the right choice given her age and condition. I am devastated since this dog was on my side every minute ever since my sah especially. I had to fight breaking down as to not make the dr and staff feel any worse, they fell in love with her and were shaken to the core. Talk about stress! So difficult! first my sister/caregiver had her plug pulled now this!

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So sorry for your loss. Our furry friends are such big parts of our families. I've had pets my entire life, and I couldn't imagine life without them--so loyal!

Losing a dog companion is devastating. Gizmo will live on forever in your hearts and minds.

Ron, I am so sorry for your family’s loss. It’s fond memories that keep us going. We had a wake for a dog once, she was the personification of nurturing to all, it really helped. She lays under her favorite Dogwood Tree with a cairn with stones from all over the world, one even from the Vatican. It’s amazing how much our four legged family members help in our daily struggles, and how much they touch the lives of others. Hugs and a raised glass

thank you everyone, its really hard, i hear her pitter patter on the wood floors, expect to see her constantly, cant get used to waking up to no gizmo ugh

So berry sorry, such deep loss. Such deep love

Sorry bro

Oh, Ron, how awful for you and the whole family. We love them so, our pets, and when it is their time to go, it leaves a unbelievable hole in our lives. I lost my beloved dog more than a year ago. I still "see" him and hear him in the house. People here understand this, and so many other things.

Wishing you strength and healing.


thanks Seenie and all, sorry for your loss as well, they are across the rainbow bridge waiting faithfully as usual, tc

Ron I am so sorry for the loss of your dear companion. I hope you find some comfort as the days pass.

With deepest sympathy for your loss of your beloved Gizmo.

So very very sorry, too many losses