Ruptured aneurysm and after effects

Hey fellow survivors,

So 3.5 weeks ago my partner and I had sex in the shower, and a minute later I had the most excruciating headache and neck pain of my life. The next 24 hours is a blur of hospital, head cat scan, being told I had a ruptured aneurysm (nothing like learning new words in a time of crisis), ambulance to another hospital, titanium coiling and drowsiness. To add to the excitement, I am nearing 6 months pregnancy. I was about 5 months at the time of the aneurysm rupturing.

My coiling procedure went well, and the baby is still kicking away and growing. There were quite a few precautions taken because of the baby, thank god for the surgeon and his skills. I spent 11 days in hospital so they could monitor me for the risks of further seizures or strokes that is meant to be of concern for the 14 days following a rupture. I had the ultra sounds on my head daily and they were coming back as normal readings, thank goodness. The migraines lasted about a week, I was in the High Dependency Unit for the first 5 days, then on the ward. It was quite relaxing actually, despite the pain. There were a lot of pain killers I couldn't take because of the pregnancy, the neurological team made a few comments about my high pain tolerance, they were surprised I got away with as little relief as I did. Severe headaches lasted about another 2 weeks after the migraines and now I am down to dull aches in my head and body that seem like nothing after the severe pain I have been through.

Other interesting pains I have experienced are the pain in my buttocks, back of my thighs and tailbone. Apparently this is from the blood draining down through the body. Some mornings I can't even bend over with the pain in my tailbone. I get warm sensations in my ear canals. And sometimes I have mirage-like vision in my peripheral vision. The tiredness is quite severe still too, I rest and nap a lot. My sleep is quite all over the place, I can be awake for hours in the night.

We have had sex again, it was a little bit scary the first time but figured I didn't want to leave that too long or we might get anxious and nervous about it. Still not driving further than to drop my daughter off at school 800m away, and no tea or coffee yet.

I will do another post about the pregnancy etc. for anyone who is interested in what will happen with birth after an aneurysm etc.


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We're glad to hear that you are recovering, Denise, and looking forward more good news!

Take good care.


Thanks Seenie

Denise, Great news for all of you! I think the dull aches are from being in bed so long, once you start walking everyday, it should ease up. And if you don’t want to be awake at night, try limiting your naps during the day time. You are far ahead of where I was, I think I could only stay awake for an hour at most. Keep up the great recovery!

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Omg, you ARE a survivor and what a great mom you are going to be. You are a strong woman and I can’t wait to hear what happens next lol. Keep up the great work, you inspire others. :slight_smile:


Thanks Moltroub and Lisa,

The dull aches seem to be improving each day. I even walked to the shop about 500m away and back yesterday. And getting back into answering my client's emails etc.

Glad to be an inspiration :) Baby is still kicking away happily in my belly.

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ten years had a rupture of basilar tip and clipping was out in this location. I have had many many recoilings and a stent. I am working full time and pulled through after the rupture neurologically, my memory is off some and I have lots of anxiety still and lack self confidence.

I will have another recheck in 2-3 weeks with angiogram and hope the coils have not compacted again. I am gragetfull

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Hey there high.
Glad to hear you are going okay. Sounds like you have had a bit of a tricky time with the coiling. I haven’t had a chance to talk to my neurologist about any adverse effects of the coiling yet…next week.
I will have my first follow up angiogram after the baby is born in 3 months.

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Hey Denise, you are the first to talk of this, I had used in the shower, had some and shortly after had tingling in right arm auras galore, never had them prior, didnt seek help, loss of words, then bad headache, after seeing a doc they found an aneurysm behind right eye during mri mra, could intense orgasm cause the annie, or in your case rupture, jeesh, so glad you and your baby are doing well, thanks for honestly sharing, this is all new, all strange, Anafa

Hey Anafa,
Thanks for your reply. Apparently it's common for a rupture to occur after sex, the hospital staff told me. Anything that gets the blood pumping can cause a rupture if the aneurysm exists, so I wouldn't give up too quickly, there are too many things that get blood pressure up, and there's no use living in fear like that.

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Good advice. Thank you!!

All the best to you and upcoming birth, anafa

No problem Edwardo :)

Edwardo said:

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You had an experience a lot like mine. You seem young, how old are you? Mine was clipped, not sure if the recovery is the same, but judging by your post it seems like you are quite well ( structured sentences and grammar). I can’t even imagine the fear for your own self AND your baby! Hang in there and when emotions get high, keep your loved ones close. Post op depression is real. Take care!