Has anyone been put on Ritalin to boost their energy? Just curious as apparently I have been on it for a few weeks now. I do have more energy but my pain lvl has increased.


hum...Considering Ritalin will definately hype you up...It is a central nervous system stimulant, so for the doctor to put you on that seems almost counter-intuitive to me...

Do you have low blood pressure as a rule? and has it spiked your B/P since being on it?

I've personally never heard of a doctor prescribing Ritalin to a brain aneurysm survivor, then again theres plenty i've never heard of ! If your pain increases while on the Ritalin, I'd most certainly shelve the drug for now. Take care VJ,


Hi Janet,

Heavens no I do not have low bp. I have high bp and am on meds to keep it in the normal range. I have not been checking it either. Should I be concerned????



yeah on this particular issue, I think i'd question the Ritalin...

Personally, i'd do away with it I think...as a central nervous system stimulant with someone who has high blood pressure AND a history of aneurysms, seems like a poor mixture to me. Is this your GP who prescribed it to you ?

Hi VJ...You have some good advice here from Janet and Liam...I too think you should question this Ritalin...please keep us posted...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

I took my blood pressure this morning 132/102. WOW. Thank you again for your advice and concern. I did not take it this morning and will not be taking it anymore.... My pc prescribed it. He knows I have an aneurysm and he knows I have high blood pressure. :(


Yes ... VJ ... that bottom Bp number is high... ~ Colleen

I have been prescribed 5mg Ritalin 2x a day. I had low blood pressure before that. It has started to rise, but it is still in the normal range. My OT now checks my blood pressure every time I go in and she reports it back to my rehab Dr. who prescribed it. There are so few of us that live to tell about it that I think the Drs. are not really sure what to do.

VJ Jo makes a very valid point here about us all being individual and that we all take different drugs- I take some that are strange as well, i might not be happy about them but i did ask them the reasons why. I don't know if going cold turkey off the ritalin is the right thing to do, but i would see the Dr at the first instance you have, and discuss your feelings about it.