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Does anyone know of any connection between ADD medications, such as Adderall and brain aneurisms? I was taking Adderal, on and off, for about a year before my annie was detected and I'm wondering if that could have had anything to do with the aneurism forming. I have a son who went through thorough testing and was diagnosed with ADD, who I didn't medicate for years because I was concerned about the meds long term effects on him. He is in college now, and the Adderal is making a huge difference in his ability to focus and be a successful student, but I am even more concerned now that he has this family history because of my aneurism. His doctor assures me that there is no connection, but I am still uneasy about it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I have taken Adderall for ADHD for about 5 years and I was told by my neurosurgeon it had no effect on my anuerysm. I was told it was a birth defect that grew over time and with age. That being said, I do believe other life choices can and do affect anuerysms, such as smoking (I never have), alcohol use (I've been known to partake occasionally), among others....I was told that actually the Adderall may have helped to keep the anuerysm from becoming a problem as it tends to calm those of us with ADHD, not stimulate or hype us up. My blood pressure has always been around 120/65 or 70, considered to be very good. Even though Adderall is a stimulant, it works the opposite for those of us who truly have ADHD, which is why we don't abuse it! However, if you are concerned for you son, there are other non-stimulant meds out there, such as Vyvanse, you might want to have him try. However, any change should be discussed with his doctor of course. Good luck, I have not been able to find any research indicating a link, but that's not to say it's not out there. I just know in my case, it's not relative to my annie according to MY doctors. Adderall has changed my life for the better and for my family. It saved my's a shame it took until I was 45 years old to be diagnosed. It certainly explained a lot, such as why it took me 5 1/2 years to graduate from college, and having 5 different majors while there! I have discontinued taking it until I go back for my one month post surgery checkup with the surgeon, but they didn't say I had to, that was my choice so that I would rest and take things slowly. But, once I have that appointment, I fully intend to get back on my daily regimen. Best of luck to you and your son, I know exactly how you feel! Bad enough to be ADD or ADHD, but then to have an annie on top of everything!


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Thanks so much for responding to my question. I tend to be very sensitive to medications, which has made me kind of paranoid about taking them and giving them them to my kids, which is why I was pushing 50 before I tried Adderall. I always knew I had issues but didn't consider treatment til my son was diagnosed. I have been afraid to go back on it since my surgery because of the complications that I had afterward, although my doctor said it would be fine. It's kindof funny to look back now. I used to get sinus headaches quite often and I would take Sudafed to relieve them. Well, I gradually got in the habit of taking Sudafed, even when I really didn't have a headache. I was taking them everyday at work, and I guess I was unknowingly self medicating for the ADD without realizing it. It wasn't until I had taken Adderall for a few months that I realized, wow, I can't remember the last time I took a Sudafed.(or a happy pill as my coworkers affectionately referred to them!) Just thought you might appreciate that little story. I will research that other rx for my son down the road, thanks! He is doing SO well on the adderall in college. I can't believe he is the same kid. He took it on and off in high school, and I saw a difference, then he took a year off after high school, both from Adderall and school, and he started taking it again for college this year. He actually studies and takes meticulous notes and keeps his room clean! I'm amazed! It's so nice to talk to someone with the same issues as mine, both annie and ADD. I am still a little nervous about starting the Adderall back up, but that's probably why I'm sitting here in my jammies at almost noon with nothing done yet! (and I was trying to blame that on my brain cramp, haha!) I definitely will need it before I go back to work very soon. Well, thanks so much for sharing with me, I really appreciate it. Good luck with your one month check up and keep in touch.


My doctor won't prescribe me my meds for ADD. Says he isn't comfortable doing so. This is my general doctor. I asked my Neuro doc to call him and tell him whether or not it would be okay - but I don't know the result of that conversation. I had a VM on my machine from the nurse saying he won't do it (regular doc). I need to call back and ask why.


How were you diagnosed for ADD to be prescribed that medicine?

Then, how were you diagnosed for an aneurysm; specifically if pre or post-rupture?

My grand diagnosis was menopausal depression vs, you know our age diff! Even tho my symptoms were post-two-MVAs, I was placed on xanax (2 weeks) and referred to a psychiatrist... three years later, convinced to go on paxil; could absorb only 1/2 a standard pill...a year and a half later I had multiple leaks/ruptures before adequate testing/diagnosis...My great curisoity is whether that 1/2 pill slowed or jumped development of my (or anyone's) aneurysm, not cause the aneurysm.

There are some books and websites that note the weakspots of artery walls are often/mostly near the bifurcation oor branching areas of arteries.

I do not know ADD meds; tho you may want to review more on any contraindications and/or Warnings on it off the manufacturer's site and/or FDA site; meds may (often/always?) vary by age/gender.

Prayers for you and your family...


Amy, I think I'd switch regular docs! Mine has no problem prescribing to me after my surgery. I am a 53 year old girl who couldn't function normally prior to being diagnosed over 7 years husband is in education and is the one who actually sent me for diagnosing....I had 5 majors in college, took 5 1/2 years to graduate and self medicated throughout my adult life until finally getting help, which has made all the difference in my life and that of my family. I am productive and calm, way more so than before medication. My neuro said the Adderall played absolutely no role in my annie, it was a birth defect, a weakening in the artery wall from birth. That being said, I'd find a more sympathetic doctor who will listen to the recommendation of your neuro....Good luck. I've had zero problems, blood pressure excellent 120/70, and I am back to work and excelling at it. Just my experience and I am grateful to the makers of Adderall!


Trish-just got back to this are you? Did you ever start back on the Adderall? I went back on mine full time within a month of the surgery...didn't want to take it while recovering as it was perfectly fine to lay around most of the day doing nothing so the angio site could heal! I have been taking it regularly and have had absolutely no problems. Good luck with your son, my middle son was blessed with my genes (poor kid) and has ADHD as well, but has chosen not to take medication. He excels in college, Dean's list, but his trick is to stay focused and busy and sticks closely to routines. His room is neat as a pin, and he no longer has outbursts as he used to when younger....maybe he has grown out of it? I don't know, all I know is I did not, and the meds help me lead a productive and fulfilling life. And my surgeon said they in no way contributed to my annie....and I trust that man with my life! So, tomorrow, I will take my meds, Plavix, baby aspirin, Claritin for my allergies, and yes, my Adderall, all with my morning coffee. I make no apologies for doing what is right for me and what works for me. I hope you are doing well, and life is treating you kindly. Please keep in touch. Not many of us out there with both of these issues.... :) I'll be thinking of you!


Thanks, Cece. I am going to call my neuro and ask him what he told him. I think he probably said it was okay - it was a drug I was taking prior to my aneurysm and it wasn't mentioned a contributing factor when I was in the hospital - nor was it one he said to stop taking when I was released.

Hi Cece, So nice to hear from you. I have started back on Adderall, although I haven't been taking it consistently. I asked my surgeon about it at my last follow up appointment because I wanted to think about increasing my dose. ( I've only been taking 10 mg. per day at most, not extended release) and he thought I should start cutting back and eventually stop it. He doesn't feel it contributed to my annie but just thinks it's not good to be on it at my age because of the issues it can cause, blood pressure, etc. I was suprised and disappointed by his response because at a previous visit with his PA she said go ahead and take it if it makes you feel better and gets you moving. I was hoping to try extended release and just take it every morning, just to try to be a little more consistent but I want to check into it a little further first. I don't think he really understands what a difference it makes if you really need it, going to talk with my primary about it, although he's cutting back his hours and is tough to schedule with. Do you take the extended release type? I'm on such a low dose,it was prescribed to take 1 or 2 twice a day and I only take one a day and it makes a big difference for me, although I suffer through my morning without it and take it at lunch time to get through the afternoon, I really think I need to tweak that cuz mornings are rough. I'm glad to hear you and your son are both doing well. My son is doing well, he's lost alot of weight since he started his rx, which makes him happy cuz he thought he was heavy, but I don't like it, I think he's too thin,( I wish it had that effect on me!) but he plans to take a break from it while he's off of school for the summer, I'm glad about that. It's great that your son is doing so well without it. I'm with you,it's a life long, quality of life issue for me that I need to get under control. Like anything, people who don't have the problem just don't understand it. Well, I'm off to work, take care and keep in touch!


Hi Amy, I'm feeling your pain with the confusion between docs over Adderall, no time to write now cuz I wrote a book to Cece and I'm late for work. Will get back on asap.