Ringing in ear

I’ve been on aspirin and plavix for a week now and today I started getting ringing in my ear. I would think it could definitely be a side effect of the aspirin. My ped is in 3 days. I don’t know if I can deal with this for year afterwards. Has anyone else had this problem?


Not I, but I know it can drive you crazy. They found my annie during an MRA to rule out a tumor/other problems with an ear that I could hear my heart beat in (for the past year). Since my coiling in October, the heart beat has been gone. I was on Plavix for over 4 months because of the stent and am still on aspirin - I don't imagine the aspirin would have anything to do with it.

How long were you in the hospital? I am really surprised that you even feel well enough to write - I could hardly walk on the 3rd day. If the ringing continues, I would definitely call the doctor. When is your post-op appt?


Hi Stephanie...I would mention this to my Doctor...so they are aware that this has happened since you started on both meds...I don't recall this being a problem...I am on aspirin rest of my life...Cyber~thoughts your way...~ Colleen

Stephanie, I did not have PED; did hav coils/stents and all the related issues.

I have hearing loss in both; tinnitus in left; occasonally, this past year+, tinnitus in my right. There are so many varying reasons for tinnitus; call and ask your neuro.

I had other symptoms/reasons my plavix was stopped early; replaced by full aspirin; reduced to 81mg due to easy bruising; reduced to one week/month; then stopped...my blood stays low on its own.

Wishing you the best, and earliest, call to your neuro...also pull up on the 'net the adverse effects of both plavix and aspirin.

Prayers for your recovery,


Hi Stephanie-I had very slight ringing in my ears prior to my PED surgery in Feb. 2012. I have been on Plavix & aspirin for about a month now and the ringing has gotten worse. I notice it especially when I lay down to sleep at night. I don't know if it's from the surgery or the meds. But yes, it is definitely a problem and I'm hoping it goes away on it's own. I have a follow-up in 5 months so if it continues I will bring it up then. If you have any questions about the PED, etc. please let me know!

Thanks to everyone for replying. My ear is still ringing, my PED cancelled and aspirin and plavix stopped for now.

I now wonder if it could be stress related also. I guess time will tell. Last week was one of the most stressful I've ever had.

This community has been a wonderful resource and I hope one day to repay the kindness:)

are they planning to reschedule PED? I had mine placed last week and the stress of having it cancelled would have done me in.

Thanks Rachel. I’m going to take you up on that!

Stephanie, what were you told the reason for cancelling PED and aspirin and plavix stopped?

Was the plavix being tested in your blood before PED scheduled; as Gill in London is having plavix tested?

How long do you have to wait?

For stress, my prayers include yoga deep breathing, a light massage, much hugs and love.


I had the stomach flu. The doctor said he wanted me at 100% before doing the surgery. Because I do not want to reschedule immediately I can stop the meds for now.


Thanks for clearing that up...and that your doctor is delaying PED until you are 100%.

Where I noted well above that I had plavix reactions, I did not state initial symptom was flu-like; then wild brilliant flashes in my eyes, even when I closed them; then the bruising began. It took weeks/ months for those issues to decline; months of GI issues. Because I already had tinnitus, I ahve no memory of changes in that timeframe. Please monitor and watch for any reactions. When the plavix was stopped I was put on the normal aspirin range; the bruising did not stop; even when reduced to the baby-aspirin level.

I am yet amazed that Gill in London is being specifically blood tested pre and post a sample of plavix, before her next treatment. I am learning of some of you being put on it here before reatment, but not of anyone with the pre and post sample testing of Gill.

Of four angio schedules, I was never put on plavix prior to the scheduled dates. The last one, massive plavix was (word?) put in to my system concomittant w/other anesthesia stuff... then the 8 week prescription.

Prayers for your full recovery...thanks for getting back to me/us.


I was wondering about blood work also. Everyday I think of 10 more questions. Maybe my aspirin is to strong? I am slight built and a benadryl can take me out for a week:)

Wishing you all the best too Pat!

Steph...I often stumble on words / sentence structure, so please do not panic...

Please ask your neuro why pre-and post blood tests are being done on a sample plavix in the UK, and not in the US. This haunts me because of my reaction to plavix; worse, that it was a "delayed" reaction to the known normal reaction time; thus the mds did not want to track the symptoms.

I am so strong on this because of my reaction to penicillin decades prior. My first, I thought was God's gift. Apx 3 years later, I had the instant reaction; that MD stopped it instantly; told me what to watch for, to go to e/r or did I want to be admitted? There was no question that it was a reaction; even tho I had had magnificent treament / recovery, he first time. Perhaps that is more common in penicillin than other drugs...I am not slight, but only 5'3" and 125 lbs; much less in lbs when I had penicillin and codeine. the latter rather funny; in cough syrup to let me sleep; I could have swung off the chandeliers! Those were the only two "drugs" I had decades before aneurysm traeatment.

Please ask your neuro why the pre and post blood tests are being done on a sampling of plavix in the UK and not in the US...

Prayers this does not frighten you, but informs you, of potentials to ask about.


I have decided to wait. I see my doctor on the 9th and have decided to tell him I want to wait, just a few months, before having my surgery.

I read your story and am amazed at all you've been through and how your journey is not over just yet. I wish you the best of luck.

Hi Rachel,

Do you still have ringing in your ears? My ears have been ringing off and on since September (had two PEDs placed in August). Especially at night... I've been thinking it is sinus problems and have seen my primary care physician for it a couple times and everything checked out fine. Wondering now if it's caused by the stent or more likely the Aspirin/Plavix. Guess I won't know for sure until I go off of them, hopefully after my one year follow up angio in August!

I still have ringing. I saw my Dr today and he said if it continues we can look into other medications, but said he can also be caused by stress. It is a side affect of aspirin, though I have taken aspirin products for years and have never had a problem with them before. I guess I just need to wait and see. I am very happy for you reaching your 1 year mark in August and the possibility of leaving the meds behind. I have to admit I am kind of jealous too since my "journey" has just begun.

Jess~ I still have ringing in my ears (more so my right than my left) and of course at night it is worse. I definitely noticed the problem after surgery. Just like the floaters, I am thinking it is a side effect of the PED surgery, but I'm interested to see if it gets better after going off the meds.. Another 4 and 1/2 months to go. I did have an MRI last week for headaches I've been getting and then they sent me for an arteriogram (only 4 and 1/2 weeks post surgery). The arteriogram shows my aneurysm is completely gone. So I'm thinking it might be the meds causing some of my issues..

Yes!!! I started complaining about ringing in my ear 2 days after my coiling. I was taking plavix and aspirin. The doctor stop my aspirin and plavix after a month due to bruising . I had my surgery done last december 2011. I called them almost every month to complain but my doctor is not alarmed. I know your feeling! I went to ent and told me that I’m having hearing lost one frequency. For ringing in my ear I just have to deal with it!!! I will be having 6 months CTA next week and definetly will talk to my surgeon about this. Call yor doctor!!!
Prayer for your fast recovery.