Right Ear Tinnitus one and a half year after Annie

After having my right cerebral annie on October 14, 2011 I had experience head pressure and sensitivity to this date.. Three years later... In February 2013 my right ear develped tinnitus (ear ringing) To this date it has not stopped for one second.. It sounds like a hissing tea kettle sometimes more pronounced that others. I try to mask it as recommended by an ear specialist... My neuro surgeon indicates it is not from the clipping annie surgery I had.. No one knows why this has occurred.

Has anyone that had a non ruptured annie clipping experiened tinnitus after surgery????

I am present going to an accupunture doctor for two months but nothing has changed...

Thanks for any information if you have experienced this ear ringing after your annie surgery.



Suggest you Google: tinnitus causes...there are lots of sites...it can be from disease, injury and/or as a side-effect from some drugs...

Many of us have these related issues...and, few, if any, were/have been advised/explained of reality...

Chris...I have no expertise, just my experiences...

Prayers you will find quality care through your medical resources...


Hi Chris I was coiled and experience the same and also suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia since my coiling...A neurologist told me it is due to the coiling and complications...The Neurosurgeon said it is not...I do nothing and learn to live with it...Please let us know how the acupuncture works ... it will be good to see... Ringing in PA too...~ Colleen

Hi Chris, I had a ruptured aneurysm in 2013, about a month ago tinnitus started in my left ear, I’ve got lots of niggling things that have begun since the rupture , ectopic heartbeat, arthritis, bursitis, chronic constipation. I think the aneurysm is such a shock to your body, it lets other things happen while it deals with the brain injury. I’m going to acupuncture too, don’t give up on it, it takes much longer to get results with anything after what we’ve gone through , so keep trying :slight_smile:

Thank you Kayt as it helps so much to talk to people here in BAF who have experienced similar things after their aneurysm clipping.. My sister and brother think I'm crazy and say nothing is wrong with me... when I talk about the sensations, pressure and sensitivity I feel in my head.. It brings me such comfort to know that other people have experienced and are experience the same symptoms... The Acupuncture Dr. said it will take awhile as I have the tinnitus now two years but thank you, I will up the treatment... It is very calming to say the least..... after what we have been through... You too, keep up your acupuncture... Let me know who you are doing.. Be well... :)

I know how horrible this can be - I had pulsative tinnitus prior to my annie diagnosis and surgery. Pulsative was bad enough - ringing is probably worse.

I am not sure how long I had it before diagnosis - it was in my left ear in which I have been having symptoms of Relapsing Polychondritis for some time, which was one of the reasons I had the MRI, which was changed to MRA by the ER doctors after I was there because of RP. This is getting confusing, even to me.

Anyway, I had it before the coiling and stent. I have not had it since my surgery - I am convinced that my tinnitus was connected to the annie. Have you had an MRA or angio since you developed the tinnitus?


Hi Christine! yes mine started about 2 yrs post sah coiling, the #1 cause is ear wax---http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tinnitus/basics/treatment/con-20021487 im going to nuerologist in nov and hopefully I will remember to ask her, meanwhile I will try the headphones with rain noise, tc I hope you get relief soon~~

wow it said reduce stress for home cure but ear wax removal was not listed??? --the mayo site, I'm thinking Colleen is right- they really don't know how to cure this, the American tinnutis association gets 10 million for research, but on their site I could not find a dr nearby, I feel like im in the 19th century in this matter, also surprising 20% have tinnitus, I will let you know of any success I get

my God Colleen get that ringing fixed!! I can hear it all the way in Colmar!!!!-lol

I didn't know there was one until you mentioned it, Ron. What a ratty org - at least I think so. Very little info - I searched pulsative tinnitus and that is not even in their website! On the other hand, I went to the British equivalent and they had a lot of information, much more than the Mayo Clinic. http://www.tinnitus.org.uk/

Hi Ron.. I never had a problem with ear wax and after the ear ringing started ear dr. cleaned my ears thinking that was the cause.. no wax, so he went down the line on his list, so to speak. lipoflavonids, baby oil drops. nothing helped.. he said to mask problem with tropical rain forest noise, waterfalls, etc.. this has been constant... but I see many of us have this after our surgery.. I will ckeck out the mayoclinic.. Surgeon said not from the surgery... hmmm.

Thanks again and have a good day, Chris

Thanks for writing Sherri, I will check out tinnitus.org.uk... I think they may have damaged a nerve as the incision was all the way down to my ear lobe... Surgeon said not from the surgery, but I don't think he would say so even if it was...

Well thank you for you information, I will continue to look into correcting this problem..

Thanks again, Christine

HI Louisa, Thanks so much for writing.. I am so glad I posted this.. Now I know I am not going crazy and not the only one going through this after my surgery. When I talk to my family about my head, they say "nothing is wrong with you head" they just don't understand... That is why I am so happy I found the BAF.. and can write and hear from everyone experiencing the same. PEOPLE HERE CAN RELATE TO ME.. THANK GOD...

I will continue my quest to stop this ringing.. If you come up with anything new, let me know.

thanks sherri much better ...... but.... no cure!! --lol ugh

hi Louisa! yes real loud today, going to do the rain storm with headphones soon , its real high pitched too, some days there is two tones like a chord on a piano . Hard to believe they cant cure this!! tc

I had an SAH and ever since I woke up after shunt fitted I hear shhhhhhhhh shhhhhh like a Seashell held at ear but when I go out I forget about noise.

Too busy listening on others conversations xx joke xx

Good luck


Do you still have yours? I woke up from the Pipeline surgery with the tinnitus, four months ago.

Had my Annie 10 years ago 2011. Two years later, my right ear started with the shhhhhhhhhhh seashell sound. Has not stopped yet. Sometimes when I’m stressed it pulsates and I hear a little chirp intermittently. It’s worse now 8 years later. Has not stopped for 1 second. I am a light sleeper so any type of noise. I can’t sleep. What can I do? I heard there is an ear injection to take this sound away. Is this true Maybe from the craniotomy I have fluid in my ear or possibly when they cut down to my earlobe they damaged nerves. Any advise please.

Hey Chris,
My name is Merl from the Modsupport Team. Like you, I’ve had a craniotomy.
There can be a number of causes for the ‘shhhhhhh’ and although for some people there maybe a treatment, often the treatment can depend on cause. For example a close friend of mine and myself have similar symptoms. I go to stand up from sitting, I get a bit wobbly, see stars and have to brace myself ie grab a wall or furniture. My friend was having the same sensations, he explained this to his pcp ‘Ohh that’s vertigo’. Seemingly there’s tiny crystals in our ears that indicate to our brains when we’re balanced, when there’s an issue with these crystals we get symptoms of vertigo.

That sounded logical to me, so I spoke to an audiologist about it and his response was “…well, yes, but you’ve had a craniotomy…” In very simple terms he explained that the skull is pretty much a sealed unit and through the process of the craniotomy that seal has been disturbed, this can affect all of the senses. All of my senses at some point went into hyperdrive, my sight, my taste, my smell and my hearing, most have settled, but my eyes, I still have some awful issues with. But the idea that they could treat (or inject) something, concerns me. I do not want to lose my sight altogether. My eyes may feel it, but there’s nothing to say that the issue isn’t further in. They could treat, but there’s no guarantee of a fix. I would highly recommend you FULLY investigate ALL of the pro’s and con’s before taking this route.

The ear itself is shaped in such a way to channel the sound down the ear canal to the ear drum and the parts of the ear that process the sound are in behind that, so I doubt the cut down your earlobe would interfere with that, but an irritation of the surrounding nerves could contribute.

I too have queried the neuro about ongoing symptoms ‘Ohh it’s nothing we’ve done… …it must just be YOU…’ is a very common line. The other common line is ‘We operated, we fixed’ but in doing the ‘fix’ they’ve unearthed a whole plethora of other symptoms.

It really can be a case of weighing up all of the pro’s vs con’s prior to you making any firm decisions on further treatments. Please investigate ALL options prior.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Hey Chris7! I’m sorry to read you’re still suffering from tinnitus. I developed it quite severely a year or two after rupture. My PCP suggested using a desk fan as opposed to a ceiling fan for sleep and it worked wonders. I too was a very light sleeper but that has changed thankfully. My hearing actually improved dramatically after rupture and the audiologist was amazed. The ENT said there was nothing she could do about it after looking into my ears. I found this article on Wikipedia which is not usually my go to place but I found it interesting Tinnitus - Wikipedia

Hoping the best for you