Returning to life after clipping

I’m glad you have your Union to help you out. A few days after our Asst. Director retired, she suggested that I start one. Having been in a union, I wasn’t impressed as they charged us way too much for the representation they provided which was none, so I declined. Though, one of the first things I did after I ruptured was send an email to our DHHS State Director asking her to look into why our county was firing everyone over the age of 40 in our department. There was but three of us left. She has instilled a guideline for all county agencies now on firing anyone over 40 since then so I’m told.

I hope your migraine has gone away by now. Stress isn’t good in any fashion. I don’t always handle mine well. When I can remember to do my relaxation breathing, it helps enormously. Fortunately I usually remember😂

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I had my surgery this past Monday. A flow diverter in ICA right side to treat 2 aneurysms, unruptured. I have a bad headache and feel weak but otherwise normal… i think.?..? Going back to work next week, i work in dentistry. I have very understanding coworkers and boss and will have a lighter schedule for a couple weeks. I’m glad the surgery is over, have to be on blood thinner and 325 aspirin for nine months. Also taking Wellbutrin. So we will see how it goes next week. Prayers for everyone in this group❤️


Congratulations to a successful surgery! It was nice to hear from you again. It’s such a relief when the surgery is over. I’m happy to hear that you have a lighter workload when you get back to work. Make sure that you listen to your body and take a rest when you need to. Let us know how it goes.
All the best to you and all of us.


I may lose my job and insurance, so I need to get it taken care of before that l happens.
Sometimes I think I should just leave it alone but then I don’t want the stress of knowing that the evil balloon monster is in my head.
So, goodbye Blobbo

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Let’s hope that your Blobbo will be secured soon. Have you got a date for the surgery? I guess it’s a good feeling to have made the decision. I was hesitant before I decided to get my second procedure with a stent and more coils after the rupture. But I felt the same as you, that it was impossible to live with something in my head that could end my life in a heartbeat. The surgery was done almost two years ago and I am so happy that it’s finally over.
We have a post on how to prepare for the surgery, to get your home in order, meal preparation, finances etc. I recommend that you search for it on our site.
Take care and get back to us whenever you want.

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