Rehabilitation after clipping in Vancouver Canada?

anyone in this group located in Vancouver Canada? I need to find someone that does/helps with rehabilitation, I need to get my head fixed. Doctors just say go home and rest. Its been 11 months since my clipping. I am done and finished with that crap. I need to life back.

Hey Evan! I’m way South and East of you I do believe, so no help in what Vancouver has to offer…maybe if you tell the members what type of Rehab you want, the members who live up your way can guide you or maybe it’s something that others can share their experience with that can help you at home.

It may be something covered if you have private insurance as well as the publicly funded Medicare. I recall a member from your area that had a time of it waiting for what they needed/wanted as the doctor had to make a referral and then there was an incredibly long wait to see the specialist.

Hang in there! It takes a long time (years sometimes) to get to where we want to be. Wishing you the best…