In intensive care unit coiling on wide neck aneurysm successful- doc used double catheter to block neck while coiling - no stents!!! I feel great! Thank you for your prayers! It has meant so much!


Wonderful News...I will do what Gaynor does around here..."Whoop, Whoop"...!

Be well and keep improving...Colleen

Oh that is wonderful news!!!!!...Thoughts and prayers now for a great recovery!



LOL..your cute with the Whoop, Whoop...LOL

Good news!!! I will be having one on dec. 6 coiling:)!

Marinelle, keep as much peace as you can- I feel better than I ever thought I could! Prayers coming right to you. And YES -WHOOP! WHOOP all day long! Thank you ladies!


Yay! Continued prayers for a quick recovery!

Big Hugs,


Such good news Heather! So happy you're doing so well :) This is the first I've read about the way they coiled your annie... interesting. Take it easy and hoping your recovery continues as successful as it has so far! Mitch

Congratulations! Happy Holidays!

Such a relief! Thanks for updating so quickly! Now rest, rest, rest! ((((HUGS)))) Soooo happy for you!


Hi Mitch, I had read about this type of double catheter surgery once for a wide neck Annie - but everything else was stents, balloon assistance, onyx or pipeline- my neurosurgeon didn’t like those options because supposedly at the anterior communicating artery where mine was it’s more risk than benefit so he went with the other option( whoo long sentence):wink: all I know is so far so good- emotional but healthy and here to talk about it;) thanks for your support! Heather