Recovery problems ...and not able to understand doctors answers

so I had tripple unruppered annies back in may , have had alot of problems along they way for recovery , and had to switch to new hospital and doctors due to change in insurance in oct... my remaining HUGE problems are ..Exteme light sensitive (cannt drive yet at all ) but riding in the car at night is a nightmare .. I now cover my eyes with a sleep mask when I ride , also snow on the ground makes light durring the day really bad , I seem to only have 1 focus loud noise around me (tv , others talking , music ) and my brain cannt remember what it or I was doing , and fast movement beside me also distract me from what I was doing , thinking or talking about . my new doctors have desided this is somatization disorder ??? ??? I had 3 clipping and a small resection in the frount temprel lobe on my left side ....why would the lable it as something phycoligical (sp ) instead of trying to find out WHAT is / has caused this and how can it be fixed ...if it can be fixed ??? would love any feed back anyone can give me !!! is so frustrating...I know ... when I came out of surgery one eye was closed and drooped...6 weeks later still was like that and told it had nothing to do with annie or coiling surgery...well how comes it never happened before? I think the surgeons think we not only have annie's but are stupid people...I don't know what to tell you, but to impress upon the Doc's none of this happened until you had ruptures and clipping...

And some of the problems ... you may have to learn to live with...and in time perhaps the things will get better...

I hurt for you...and wish the Doctors would read at this site...

Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

go to a eye dr or surgeon maybe something along the way got hit or as healing is getting hit.

So sorry you are going through this. I had coiling and stent - clipping was too dangerous for me. I have read that other people have had some of these problems also with annie locations such as yours. Mine was unruptured basilar tip.

Doctors can be pretty awful some times. My neuro, which I really like, told me afterward that he didn't know if what he did in my brain caused the migraines I had afterward (which have since subsided, although I feel "tightness" in my brain now).

I hope you get some answers soon. Best of luck,


I get so upset ..this new set of doctors treat me like"what is your problem "? and all i can think and say is I had a 10 inch slice into my brain !! really wish I could see my old doctors (insurace changed ) they knew what the problems were and were much nicer too me , supportive , not jerks who think im wasting their time . i was fine before this happened !! than you for your thoughts and input ,

i will , the plate sits about 2 inches from my left temple ..and it could be presure on the eyes ...? but I will . Thank you

Thank you , I know I cannt be the only one with vission , focus problems .. they just dont know what it is so call it a phological disorder not a brain problem .... then they dont have to figure it out . thank you

Thank you, your input is wonderful !!! and gives me something to "toss" back out their for them .. yeah I looked it up too and was totally depressed at what I read .. I have not had problems before this ..and dont have all kinds of other problems ..just the one I keep telling them , same as what you listed . how did you learn to cope with this ?? I spent 25 year as a resturaunt General manager always a staff of 30- 50 ppl ..and working fast food with 8-15 ppl on each shift can I improve this to go back to what I did (made my bills ) before this happened ??

the bigest problem for me with noise is ...I can do one thing ...but tv on , music ...or talking and I forget what I was doing , what they were saying ..cannt talk on the phone with anyone else talking in the room , its like my brain just freezes ?? lights while riding make my vission blurr badly , I have been ridding in a car and saw what i thought was a ambulance , when it was a car coming at us ..and brake lights up ahead . i can be cooking something ..and think i should do a load of laundry ...and forget that I was cooking ..I now try to stay on one task ...set timmers for myself .and write lots of lists for each day ..cross off when im done , and keep it i my pocket . but ven the grocery store with ppl in it , movement noise..i cannt keep myself focused on my purpuse . sometimes we have just had to leave . i now try to go durring slow times when there isnt alot of ppl there .

Cathy, I had an aneurysm clipped in April 2011. It was compressing the optic nerve of my left eye. After clipping, I have lost some fields of vision in that eye. I had become somewhat sensitive to light before the surgery but more so afterwards. Shopping in a highly decorated store at Christmas was a nightmare. I also lost some peripheral vision so driving is somewhat of a chore, especially when teamed up with bright or dull light.,

My docs have told me that it's best for me to be a fair weather driver -- skip the rain and snow storms! I also haven't been driving at night. Also due to the peripheral loss, people will appear in front of me quickly as I don't see them coming from the side. That can be a bit unnerving but I just have to cope with it. My losses were minimal in comparison to what others may suffer and I'm here to talk about it. I don't seem to have any concentration problems but do utter the wrong words at times' I hope that many of your problems will get better with time and healing. Best wishes for a full recovery.