Recovery Issues Expanded

If any of you have free long distance, Skype or are independent wealthy…I’m test flying a new blog talk radio program on recovery. On Thursday (central time) for the night owls at 10:30 pm, I will kick off a 30 minute synopsis of what the show will be about. Then I will direct you to a different program on there where I’ll be guest hosting for a couple hours a month, until I’m ready to go on my own. It’ll deal with many form of “recovery” but I’d like the first of many to be about us. Have another member to talk about BAF & our experience, to raise awareness on my own first show. It will be archived if you can’t listen live and call in, though I hope some of you do. If interested google “blog talk radio”. When you get to their site search: In a Flash Recovery Now. That will take you to a picture of my book cover. Click on that and it will fill your page with my program. Will give you a call in number (for your free long distance or Skype), or you can use the chat room while we’re live. Cost you nothing to listen to the program. This is a test ballon to establish the need. If you are interested in this type of program in the future…Check the “Follow” box at the upper left under my icon. It will let me know you’re interested, and send you an email when a future broadcast is coming. Anything we can do to help each other recover, realize a world connectedness, and raise aneurysm awareness…Is a good thing. :slight_smile:

Theresa Lawson Web was my guest. Two long time survivors sharing their secrets to surviving, survival. Check it out.

The show went well for a maiden voyage, and I appreciate Theresa participating. Great show now archived, easy to find and a good listen for 30 minutes. See instructions above to access. Thanks!

Kim--It took some steps to find, but I am listening as I write this....(I guess I should have read your instructions more thoroughly---once I did- it was easier! That's me in a nutshell---impatient!) D

Hi Kim,

Sorry I didn't see your post in time to join you. Please let us know when you do another show.


Have another show this Thursday at 10 central, but this one is not on aneurysms. The first one was, but the show deals with “recovery” on many levels. The next one is on Addictions and God. I think I’ll have a standing gig on Thursdays at 10pm central.

The shows are archived and can be replayed any time. Just read the instructions above. I think the first show with Theresa from this site was a good one. I’m going to do another show (in addition to my weekly 30 minute show). It will still be on BTR…But on another person’s channel. She is giving me an hour on her two hour show, so I can have call in’s after the interviews. If one of you would like to be a guest, and some of you others would call in and support us…I’ll make my first show on the other gal’s station on all of us and the issues involved. Would be the first Thursday of the month, so April??? At 10 central, 11 eastern. If you like this community…I think you’d like the chat on the expanded show. In the meantime, I’ll do a variety of short interviews each of the other Thursdays on my own station. See instructions above to get there.

Thanks Dana!!


This is great for you, for all of us. I completely missed this for your first; surprised me reading it tonight.

I will attempt to find time to view the archive; and see your next.


Does this link take you guys there? I’m still quasi clueless. :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you for bringing this forward to all. You and Theresa have a remarkable history. I am looking forward to more.

It does if the name you are using is Kim Ina Flash.