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Nerve/Muscle Damage during pipeline embolization

Hi, i had two pipeline embolization back on 2017 for un-rupture brain aneurysms. The first surgery was the hardest to recover. I am still having a lot of head pressure, the pressure can be so hard that at some point it affects my vision, concentration and become painful and can feel i am passing out. It is not everyday but it has been on and off since the 2017 procedure. i just talked with my neurologist (not the one that perform the procedure) and she thinks my nerve/muscle may be touched/damaged during the procedure. Have any one experience the same problem? i would like to hear your symptoms, how to deal with that? my doctor told me that the symptoms can be for life, she offered medicine for pain/pressure.

Hi, I had a pipeline stent for an unruptured 7mm aneurysm on my right ICA in January 2016. It took me 2 1/2 years to feel like myself again. I had immense pressure in my head and the head pain at the site of the stent was at times unbearable. I could not handle too much stimulation, even going to the grocery store exhausted me. Lights gave me headaches. It was as though I was thinking through water at times. I couldn’t remember things and easy tasks were tough.

But I will say over time things got better. It was a slow, almost imperceptible recovery. But I will say that I feel almost 100% now. Some days I still feel off. I don’t think I had any nerve damage but I think I had brain swelling that just took a long time to heal.

I can’t say that will be your journey, but maybe time will help you too. Stay positive and give yourself lots of grace. And sleep. :). Sleep helps.


Thank you Corinne! You give me hope.