Recently dx with Possibly 2 Small Aneurysms

I was just diagnosed with 1 and a possible 2nd aneurysm in my brain. The possible one is a 2mm Supracliniod ICA and the definite is a 2mm Paraopthalmic ICA. I had the MRI/MRA done because I’ve been having terrible headaches and numbness & tingling in my arms and legs and basically having a loss of motor skills. My neurologist and PCP have said that the aneurysms are small and unruptured so they aren’t a big deal and they shouldn’t be causing my symptoms but I’m very worried about it, especially since I’ve been feeling so bad lately! I scheduled an appointment this morning for a consult with a neurosurgeon and my appointment is next week so hopefully getting an evaluation from an expert will help calm my nerves a little. I seems like from what I’ve read online I wouldn’t need any intervention with aneurysms this small but is it possible they could still rupture and cause problems? I’m really scared now that I know they’re there!

Hi , to be nervous in the beginning it’s normal, things will settle . Your appointment with neuro is very soon , you are lucky you don’t need to wait too long . Yes the aneurysm such small have really small chances for rupture but more about that , your doctor will say . Just in case have copy of MRI with you when you meet with neurosurgeon , perhaps you will be scheduled for more tests, may be CT or angiogram ( to know for sure if the second aneurysm existing ) , And then the plan will be clear . Write the list of the questions you have in advance, before the appointment . And regarding your symptoms , keep looking for the reasons what caused that .

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Welcome!It is hard to hear news with anything to do with your brain.But I can tell you are doing right thing my going to Nuro-Doctor.I was nervous when they told me I had aneurysms.Your in right place their are so many people that can share there story.Really hope you get good news.Good positive thoughts.

Welcome! It’s very startling to hear that you have an aneurysm. I know I was scared at the thought of it. It takes some time to adjust to the news. You are very fortunate to have an appointment so soon with the neurosurgeon. Every aneurysm is different and sometimes MRI/MRA doesn’t show the whole picture. The neurosurgeon will let you know if you need further tests as mentioned above. In the meantime, try not to worry too much. I know that is hard, but worrying will not help anything. :slight_smile: You’ve come to the right place for people who understand, though. Welcome!



I’m going to repeat what everyone has said, you’re very lucky to get an appointment with a Neurosurgeon so fast. The Neurosurgeon might have a look at the vertebrae in your neck, don’t be surprised. I always tell mine not to forget to massage my shoulders. Lol

Write down all your questions, take someone who is an excellent listener or who takes great notes. Keep a diary of your episodes add what you were doing before, what you ate, just everything.

Thank you all very much! When my neurologist told me the results he made it seem like it was no big deal and that I shouldn’t worry about it. He said that he wanted me to have a CTA but when he told me it involved injecting dye, I reminded him about my allergy to iodine and then he said I wouldn’t be able to have it done then. He said he would just repeat the MRI/MRA in about 3 months to see if they’re getting any bigger. I thought it was strange that there wasn’t something else that could be done and now we’re just going to wait and see? I felt really uncomfortable with that and wanted to be followed by someone that specializes in aneurysms. Up until earlier this month, I had only talked to my neurologist about my sleep apnea. On that note, I’ve read that stimulants are bad for aneurysms and I’m currently taking Modafinil and Ritalin to combat my extreme exhaustion and I’ve been taking them for at least 2-3 years. He didn’t even mention if he might need to change my meds in light of this so I’m anxious to see what the neurosurgeon says! I’m planning on taking either my husband or my daughter with me, I’ve been feeling very dizzy lately and having some pretty bad headaches so I definitely think I need someone with me. Thanks again for all your great advice!!

Don’t worry , 3 months monitoring it’s pretty often . They will watch if it grows ,if it doesn’t another one I assume will be 6 month or 1 year. I don’t see what doctors could offer more at this moment , since you unable to do more tests . They won’t offer surgery yet , since it’s too small , and sometimes just safer to watch and monitor . No stresses , no heavy lifting , I would avoid extreme heat , I would actually be careful with those meds that you mentioned , may be your dizziness and headeches became as a reaction to that . I would go to your therapist and ask for very wide blood test that includes D3 and B12 deficiency. There is reason for being exausted and it can be very simple .

They can use gadolinium if you’re allergic to iodine. I happen to be allergic to both, but I get a round of prednisone starting about 13 hours before procedure and I take benedryl with me.

So, I had my appointment with the neurosurgeon last Thursday and it went pretty well. I only saw him for about 5-10 minutes but it didn’t feel like he was rushing us out. He showed us the MRA and explained that he wasn’t totally sure that they are aneurysms but that it would be a bad idea to do nothing. He referred me to Interventional Radiology and was able to arrange a meeting with the doctor right away!! That doctor said that she recommended an angiogram and give me steroids before and after to avoid an allergic reaction. I just got a call back from them today and the angiogram is scheduled for next Friday. If it is aneurysms then they’ll decide what the best course of action is. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great , during angiogram they will see clearly what’s going on ! There will more clearity .

Good news! I take prednisone before any procedure with contrast and the. Usually get a shot afterwards

I had the angiogram done on Friday and I only have 1 aneurysm and it is small (1.4×1.3×1.4). The doctor said 2 options, treat it or watch it and essentially it’s up to me. If I decide treat it I would need to take Plavix for a year or more and aspirin possibly indefinitely but it would be gone and I wouldn’t have to worry as much. If I just go with them monitoring it (yearly I think), there’s a chance it could rupture during that time but the chance is pretty low. I’m leaning towards just monitoring it, I’m going to think about it a little more and let them know what I decide to do.

Interesting , I thought they don’t do treatment to such small aneurysm , because it’s harder to do …I am on monitoring , mine is bigger , but still considered as small . after angiogram I was told that we will deside options for treatment , but I also i was scheduled CT additionally . After Ct my doctor changed his opinion and suggested only monitoring at this moment .

She said that it was up to me but it sounded like the risks for doing it were greater than the risks for monitoring. I think that’s going to be the best option for now. I just saw the report from the angiogram and it says that it’s a wide neck aneurysm and from what I read online about it so far, they’re much harder to treat so that makes me feel like it’s definitely a better option to watch it to see if it gets bigger. She said that some people can’t handle knowing that it’s there even if the risk for rupture is low. I feel pretty confident in this doctor and her team and that I’m in the right place whatever we decide to do! I was looking for doctors/neurosurgeons that work with aneurysms pretty much daily so I was looking at doctors at the big hospitals where I live (Maryland). The neurosurgeon that I saw originally is based in the University of Maryland Hospital and the Interventional Radiology department and his department are part of the same team. One thing that’s still bugging me is why I’m having such terrible headaches so often that are so hard to get rid of! They said that the aneurysm is only going to cause pain if it’s rupturing so it’s not the cause. Migraines are hereditary in my family but it’s mostly skipped me, I do get them but very infrequently and no where near the severity that my Mother and my daughter do (did). I’ve been very lucky so far and it’s strange that they just started happening so recently and I also happen to have an aneurysm, you would think that it would be related. I feel like what I’m having are more like cluster headaches than migraines but whatever they are, I need to find a way to treat them!!

What I have notice : so many people with aneurysm ruptured or not on this forum experience different kind of headeches and migraines . I know doctors saying it’s not connected , I personally think it is…
You also need to find good neurologist who will take care of your migraines and pain. There are some medicine that patient takes daily as preventive , another one st the moment of migraine . What have you already tried to do? For me diet works . I have been for strict diet for years . Chocolate, cheese may provoke a headeche . Getting overtired … for me triggers are also any chemicals at food , trying to buy more simple and natural . Magnesium? It’s never ending battle …,

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Amorgan, follow up with a neurologist for the headaches. As gk mentioned, watch your diet, stay hydrated. Stress, diet, dehydration, so many things can cause headaches…I never had a migraine until after I ruptured. I’d get stress headaches, allergy headaches, but no migraines. The neurologist will have you do a dairy on food and activity as you probably know, so go ahead and start it now and you’ll be ahead of the game!