Re-bleeding into coiling

I had a fusiform aneurysm rupture in 11-13. My latest cerebral angio showed a slow leak of blood into the coiling. Because of the unusual shape of the fusiform, I have to think this has happened before. Has anyone experienced this re-bleeding? What did you decide to do about it? This site has become my lifeline for peace of mind. Please help

Hi Debbie,

in 2006 I suffered a rupture and was coiled....3 years down the line my coils compacted, although this wasn't shown on a scan (my after-care was non-existant and I had no followup) my particular case, it was well known to me that something needed to be medically done and done soon due to the extraordinary pain this suddenly caused (I honestly thought i had yet another aneurysm to deal with) and was surprised to learn it was a re-bleed. I was given the choice of adding more coils but it was found that i was a canidate for clipping, so I went with that in order to 'stop the madness' of future re-bleeds. I take it you're not experiencing any pain with your slow leak? Best of luck to you Debbie, Peace, Janet

Hi Debbie...unfortunately the coils can compact...I was told 2 years ago, mine slightly compacted and will be checked this year to see if it has compacted more and if coils will need to be added...I wish you the will read many here who have had added coils...Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

Dear Janet and Colleen,

Thank you both for your comments. BAF is always able to put my fears to rest until I see my neuro again. I just didn't think the coils could compact that much in just three months. THis whole new world we have all been thrown into has so many challenges. I keep thinking, Gods hands, Gods time.


Hi! I had "blister" or wide-necked aneurysms-one that ruptured in January of this year. The first was treated with the Pipeline Stint because coiling was unsuccessful. My doc was so pleased with the results that he's treated the 2nd aneurysm with the PED device as well. From what I'm reading, coiling frequently requires "touch ups" down the road and many are choosing the Pipeline Stint to trap the coils in versus adding more coils.

my husband had his annie nov 8th 2013, he is suffering headaches and issues with vision and other problems, the doc in St paul where we were flown to after the rupture said we would have a follow up in 6th mths which will be May, they said if there was issues with compacting coils, it wouldn;t happen b4 then, it worries me that yours did in 3 months, we are having troubles connecting with a good neruo doc we are going to our 2nd one on 15-Apr, it's 8 hrs back to St Paul we live in northern MN, but I really worry that its more than just his brain healing like they said, scared that yours did compact in such a short time.

Hi Debbie,my Nuro surgeon told me fusiform can’t clipped or coiled because of the I to have one. Did your fusiform affect you in any way before you had any treatment ?