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Questions, ask Surgeon tommorow Skpe

It’s for my next surgery.My speech still isn’t great.And I know as soon as I see him I will go blank.Iam having BA’s this time left side,craintomy,clipped.
I just want my voice back and to think clearly.If anyone can think of questions I should be asking him I would be so thankful.

I will start, but I hope others contribute since the time is short. Some of these questions may have already be answered in previous meetings with the neurosurgeon.

  1. Why aren’t my aneurysms appropriate for coiling versus craniotomy?
  2. Do the risks of operating now exceed the risks of waiting another year while I recover from the previous surgery?
  3. What postoperative rehabilitation would be appropriate following this procedure? Will you help me find and get these services covered by my insurance?
  4. What brain functions are controlled near the sites of my particular aneurysms?
  5. What are your concerns in operating in this area of the brain?
  6. Can you speak with my family to prepare them for my postoperative recovery?
  7. I am most concerned about (whatever is your #1 concern). What can you tell me about my risk of this concern during or after this procedure?
  8. What postoperative follow-up evaluation will I need?

This means the world to me.Thank you so much.I just thought would be like my first surgery.But it’s so hard facing it again.Cranitomy I know is what I will have.But can my skull take 2 craintomy back to back in year.So very kind of you to take the time.It really helps to calm my nerves.:heartbeat:

I would add to Kate’s list:

Weight restrictions as in how much can you pick up.

Dietary needs, will the surgeon get you a meeting with a nutrionist/dietician before you leave hospital (if it’s a teaching hospital, they will have one readily available). I had to eat a lot of protein after procedures and drink Gatorade because my sodium levels were so low.

Which doctor is responsible for any follow up rehabilitation. My Neurosurgeon was a blessing as every time I discovered a need, her team would do the request. For me, it was supposed to be a family doctor or neurologist since they know what’s available in your area.

Also since you’ve mentioned traveling to a speech therapist is very difficult, see if he can get home health in. My Dad had a speech therapist come to the house. Medicare paid for it. My mom also had a couple of different assistants (occupational and physical therapy) come in after her heart surgery.

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That is sush great ideas.Didn’t think about nutrition.And protein is something I think don’t get enough.My Lukeumia makes me weak.Thank you so so much.Going to add this to my list.So nice of you to take the time.

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Let us know how the Skype went!

I really agree with the weight allowance - I know I push myself really hard some times - this includes lifting, as we have been building 5 horse stalls over the last 3 weeks … I have noticed a few times i had to stop and rest … I think it goes for all of us not to over do it!

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my truck broke down.So it looked like rain coming so loaded whole ton hay myself.I forsure didn’t feel so great after.So Iam trying not to go crazy doing to much.But 5 horse corals sounds like a lot work. Just make sure to get help.I know not used to that word.Good Luck!Drink lots of water.:racehorse::racehorse::racehorse::racehorse::racehorse::blush:

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It will be same surgery but, BA’s left-side cranitomy,clipping.Scar going to be same need the larger flap is what he said; Its what everyone told me.Surgeon knows what. is best.To be truthful having hard time going through this a second time.That’s why everyone one has really helped me so much.Having so many people that’s gone through brain surgery and encouraging words.Thank you so much!

My last coiling, Dr Wolfe wasn’t sure if she would have to perform a craniotomy, but she was able to use the balloon assist. Each angiogram and coiling can be a little stressful for us. I just put my faith in the ability she has. So far it’s worked out well.