Any one have pulsatile tinnitus (hearing heartbeat) after stent and coiling?

Hi Well Things were going really well until a few days ago. Several weeks ago I noticed when it was really quiet & I was sitting still I could hear my pulse in my ears. I did some research on the internet (maybe a little knowledge can be a bad thing)and it freaked me out as it seems this can be do to several things one of them being a narrowing of an artery in the brain. I emailed my doctor and although he said he didn't think it was due to my aneurysm he scheduled me for an MRA next month. Has anyone else ever noticed hearing their pulse? I had my aneurysm stented and coiled in August.


Hi, Joanne. How are you doing now after almost 3 years since you wrote this? I'm curious to know if you found out why you were hearing your pulse. I've been hearing mine constantly since my rupture and coiling in March of 2011. All of my angiograms and MRA's have shown that everything looks good. My view is that hearing my pulse serves to remind me that I am alive and that I should live life to the fullest. :-)

That is a great attitude and so very true! I had several MRAs and a follow up angiogram in Jan. 2012. My aneurysm is gone and my Dr. thinks its highly unlikely I will have further problems with it. In terms of the pulsitile tinitus it went away on its own about a year Atfer I got it. Have you had an MRA of your lower carotid artery? I was told to have an MRA of the lower carotid artery in addition to the MRA of my aneurysm if that came back negative it was nothing to be concerned about. it came back negative. My ENT said that in his experience when everything of concern is ruled out it eventually goes away on its own. I never found out what caused it. How are you otherwise after your rupture? Best of luck to you!

Hello Christen

I hear my pulse all the time, usually at night when I'm lying in bed. .....I'm afraid mine is due to clogged arteries...getting an Mra/contrast pretty soon (as soon as county insurance plan okays me--its taking what seems like forever) but I like your view point better ! Take care, Janet

I have and AVM (and 2 clipped aneurysms). The bruit (wooshing/pulse sound) is fairly common with an AVM. I've heard it off & on since I was a child. I am more likely to hear it when I'm stressed and/or have a migraine. Also, at night, when it is really quiet it is more noticeable. Maybe that's why I started listening to music at night in my teen years?

I had my aneurysm stented and coiled in April last year, previous to that in Feb 2011 I had a burst aneurysm just coiled, I too have this pulsating heartbeat in my head but mostly when I am in bed and resting and all is quiet, I like the idea that it is reminding me I am alive, Jill xxxxxxxx

Hi Joanne...I think it is good that your Doctor is being "safe then sorry"...please keep us posted on the results of your MRA and I will send out positive vibes your way ~ Colleen


I used to get it intermittently on the side of the aneurysm before it was diagnosed, then immediately after intervention, which blocked off the right carotid artery on side of the aneurysm. I had it on the other, non aneurysm, side. Initially it was very loud and kept me awake at night. It has gradually decreased and now I occasionally notice it on lying in bed on that side. The radiologist had no explanation. My theory is that it is due to increased flow in the arteries on the left due to loss of the right sided artery.