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Problems after brain aneurysm clipping and vasospasm

I had my craniotomy on 7/29/2017 I am still recovering. Then was put back in the hospital the day after being released bcuz of a vasospasm. IDK everything that happened I was out of my mind. My husband saved my life by taking me back to the hospital. At first they couldn’t figure out what was wrong and thought I was going to die then they did a neck and leg angiogram and found it. I had to learn how to talk again. I didn’t know where I was, what happened, or even what year it was. But I have problems when I woke up from surgery I could feel my toes. I have numbness and over sensitive in my foot and leg, with muscle spasms, and extreme pain. My neurosurgeon didn’t know what’s wrong. I’ve been dealing with this pain for months and no one helps. I walk with a limp. Can anyone relate or give advice please?

I am so sorry to read what you have to go through. You are so young!

Are you better by now? Looks like clipping has triggered your vasospasm! (is it correct?) Will the dementia improve in time? Hope you recover soon! Good luck!!

I have recovered speech and memories but still have problems. Yes the clipping caused vasospasm and seizures. And nerve damage in my leg and foot. Still hasn’t recovered. Thank you for the post.

After my clipping on 9/8/17, I expierienced some muscle spasm in my right knee. It lasted for about 3-4 week’s. I was given large doses of magniesium, for post surgical, Brian swelling and vasospasm. Which can cause muscle spasms

I still have problems in my foot and leg. It’s either nerve damage or brain damage from the vasospasm. I’m glad your spasms got better. And hope you have a wonderful Christmas

Just updating on what I posted. I’m 1 and years post clipping and vasospasm. I still have spasms they aren’t just in my leg and left foot anymore, all over my body now. I’m in the process of finding out what’s wrong with me. Finding this out may help me find out what caused my aneurysm in the first place. I still have terrible headaches and then pressure headaches when it rains. I did find out in July that my clip has blocked off the aneurysm completely and no more aneurysms were found so no more angiograms for 5 years. Anyone have white matter on the brain that caused nerve damage, been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or peripheral neuropathy after craniotomy or vasospasm? I’m really in need of someone to talk to.

Sorry to hear you still not feeling well :frowning: . I hope you find a specialist with not standard thinking and find answers,relieve and help …may be spasms related to something else , some vitamin deficiency , or spine problems ? …may be side effect of medicine ?

Well the Neurologist delayed my appointment twice. I go back next month on November 20th. When I saw him last he said that I was going to be tested for neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and a few other things. He said also after the test CT my brain that maybe the vasospasm damaged the right side of my brain. I’m not sure what is going on with me, but I know something is right. Thanks for replying. How have you been?

I have have unraptured small aneurysm that is on the watch . Waiting for my annual CT in few days and neurosurgeon appointment in 2 weeks . nervous … having a lot of different kind headaches like you mentioned, pressure headache and migraines . I was taking propanalol daily , it helped for 6 months now it’s not working any more. Feeling tired all the time . I really hope your appointment will bring you some good news , I know it’s a small relieve but with headaches essential oil Peppermint helps me a little , I put a little drop on the front head and sides . It’s hard to enjoy life or plan things in life when you not feeling well at all . I wish to all of us to feel better.

I hope all goes well for you. Do you hear pulsating in your head? Pressure like something heavy is sitting on your head? Thank you. I hope we both get good news with our appointments.

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Thank you ! I had pulsating but very few times ,I have tinnututus on the side where is aneurysm , and squeezing sound like I have a liquid in my inner ear … i guess it’s impossible to fix . How often your spasms ? Is it every day? :frowning:

Hi , how did your appointment go?

My CT showed no changes from last year, my neurosurgeon told it looks stable and now my next check up with scan is in 2 years :0 . It’s amazing how fast are neurosurgeons:) . This visit I saw a doctor may be for 10-15 seconds …

Well my clip is working great. The Neurologist is sending me to get an EMG then going to do test on my brain after he gets the result from the EMG. But the appointments for emg’s are backed up can’t get in until March. I feel like my doctors will not listen to me. Any advice on getting them to listen? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving btw :grinning:

No advice :slight_smile: i have , the same feeling . :slight_smile: I have great doctors , I trust their knowledge but nowadays I think they relay mostly not to symptoms and listening the patient, but results of tests , scans etc . They are always in rush , in such bad way that I feel even ashamed to ask extra question :smiley: or even any … thank you , I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as well ,

We need more doctors that listen. I have symptoms of Ms. And by my research Ms could be why I had my vasospasm spasm. I guess I just gotta wait for more testing to see. They never knew why I had the vasospasm.

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I had a surgical clipping 3 months ago after finding an aniurism after a bad car accident and I’m grateful to run across this site I wish I would have seen it sooner. My surgeon also thought 6 weeks to recovery and also didn’t seem concerned about my symptoms; so thanks to all for sharing. My biggest problem is work, went back after 1 month and it’s a struggle at the end of every week since. I work in front of a computer all day and answer phones, not a good place for recovery but I’m managing. Also watching tv is at times difficult. A lot of pressure and some headaches but getting better. I noticed getting a lot more sleep helps and lemon and peppermint essential oils on the head helps relieve pressure, also doing some acupuncture. I fractured my C2 vertebrae in my neck 9 months ago so dealing with neck stiffness as well; the doctor thought doing the clipping so soon after that would be ok but now I don’t think so. Too much trauma. I am recovering though and I am grateful to share with others which helps to get me through.