Pregnancy and aneurysms

I have a small aneurysm and I’m having a suprise third pregnancy, I never thought of possible problems with the two. my doctors nurse told me he will probably suggest a c section but it’s my choice. anyone have any input on this?

Congratulations on #3 April! Have you checked out our group -

Might find some answers there while you’re waiting for members to chime in.

Go with the c-section if the aneurysm is not treated. If it’s treated and checked you’re ok, but if not there’s a major risk according to my neuroradiologist. Both during pregnancy and delivery. Good luck!

My aneurysm was found after my second daughter and my neurosurgeon told me that I most likely delivered both girls naturally with it there. Needless to say because of my age I had it clipped and just had my third little one this past March naturally and all went well. You need to get with your neurosurgeon and see what the best plan is for you. I also recommended seeing a high risk OB I saw a maternal fetal specialist because of my history and the communication between her and my neurosurgeon and neurologist throughout the pregnancy was awesome!

Hope that helps.

C Section

I was 5 mths pregnant with my son 23 years ago and I had a leaking aneurysm they clipped it and in those it was a major op especially being pregnant so I had to have a C section no choice I would suggest u do as well April pls let us know.
God Bless thinking of you.

HI There, My wife suffered a ruptured aneurysm at 28 weeks pregnant. She had a craniotomy & clipping and whilst they prepared for an emergency cesarean section during the op, managed to get through the surgery with baby still inside!

She carried our little girl to term and had a cesarean section BUT under general anesthetic, so that they could manage & control her blood pressure. Despite the influence of the anesthetic on our baby ( she was not very responsive immediately after delivery), she bounced back relatively quickly, all things considered.

She is now nearly two years old , has reached every milestone thus far and appears to be a very clever little girl, despite her & her mothers ordeal, BOTH ARE FINE .

Perhaps an un-ruptured aneurysm my allow localized / epidural during the cesarean, but i highly doubt natural birth would be an option at all!!

Best wishes


I am also pregnant. I had an unruptured aneurysm clipped last October. I’m 11weeka and seeing a high risk Ob/Gyn on Monday to assess how to manage my pregnancy. I’ll let you know if they recommend c section! My neurosurgeon said last year that it shouldn’t be necessary. I am actually hoping to have one. A natural delivery will have me very anxious about my brain for the entire process.

I had my twins last year, three and a half years after a ruptured Annie that was repaired by coil. See what your dr says, because most don’t give a choice due to malpractice concerns if something happens to you while in childbirth. After many anxious months (dreamt some dreams I will not share!!), I finally had the twins by c-section. Everyone’s story is different, but mine was one of the best experiences of my life! Good luck!

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I had an aneurym clipping in 2012. I have a 10 month old boy now. My doctor told me it was my choice since i had already had 3 normal vag deliveries with no complications, but he would rather do c-section to be on the safe side in case the pressure got to bad. I did not want a c-section at all. My doctor was going to let me try to have him natural since that was my choice. I fought it up till the very end but ended up having to have a c-section because of blood pressure issues :frowning: You will do great whichever you decide :slight_smile: i will keep you in my prayers :slight_smile:

Hi April,
I had a small (3mm) aneurysm discovered 2 weeks before we found out that we were pregnant with our first child. I exercised and cut out caffeine during the pregnancy, and monitored my blood pressure like a crazy person at home. That said, all was perfectly well. Perfect delivery (c-section, but for another reason entirely), and the 1-year check of the aneurysm indicated no growth. I had a wonderful pregnancy.
I hope that you will have the same!
Good luck!

thank you everyone, this makes me feel better, I have had two vaginal births, and since this one came by surprise I never thought about it since I didn’t know about the aneurysm with my other births, I’m glad I called, they did say they would want to do an mra before and after I give birth which scares me a little but said it’s safe. either way I think I would be more comfortable with a c section . and they said my ob may refer me to a high risk doctor , I’m so nervous about all this!! thank you all I love this group!!! not many people in my life to voice my worries that actually understand❤️

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Hi April,

Good morning. When I recovered from my Brain-aneurysm many years ago, the first thing the doctors shared with my husband was that if we wanted children, we would have to wait 10 years because, I would be considered "High" risk. So, saying that to say this aneurysm research has improved a great deal. By God's grace you will deliver a healthy baby and you will do great!

Good luck.

My pregnancy was between the two annies, so that wasn't a prob for me. I ended up having a high risk OB for my doctor because I tore my placenta at work when I was 5 months pregnant, then ended in the hospital because my hemorraging got too bad. She was 2 months early with an emergency c-section (I was in the hospital for a month and the doctor never would confirm that I would have to have a c-section, which I did). Either way, the end result is what mattered - the high risk OB was fabulous. I see you are in Braintree, so you have the luck of having lots of good doctors to choose from.

Good luck - you'll do fine! Sherri

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thanks guys, do u think I should go straight to high risk doctors? or wait for my appt with my regular ob?

I was changed to high-risk because I was about 4 months pregnant when I had my aneurysm nearly 14 yrs ago. When I reached full term, the doctors induced labor and insisted on c-section delivery, despite my request for traditional childbirth. I didn’t feel a thing literally and you can barely see the tiny scar. They gave me a local anastesia administered by me, by push-button until I finally dialiated enough for childbirth.

No high risk there, in my opinion. I would recommend getting a high-risk doctor in case something goes awry. Here’s praying for the best.

even though I’ve had two natural births without knowing about this aneurysm , the fact that it’s the first thing I thought of after I said holy crap, I feel safer getting a csection , it’s bad enough walking around with it everyday, you guys know how it is, I’m still in shock my daughter is 11 and my son is 8!! Ohhh man!!! anxiety thru the roof!!!

Good Luck to you. I had a ruptured (undiagnosed Annie) in 2008 3 weeks after my second daughter was born. I am so lucky and grateful to be alive and tonight we celebrated her 7th birthday! God is Good!

Keep an eye on your BP and make sure your docs are communicating with you. Please keep us posted April? I will keep you in my thoughts!

I felt more comfortable having a C section after I had a brain aneurysm with a clipping. My neurologist said I could try a VBAC, but I felt I personally would have been to nervous about the pressure when pushing. I'm glad I chose to have a planned C section. It helped give me peace of mind. Well that, but mostly lots of prayer gave me the peace I needed. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Thank you everyone for this wonderful and supportive dialogue. My wife and I are new to this community and she is on the mend from a serious ruptured aneurysm last year. We are hoping to get pregnant this year and will see a high risk OB this week (perinatal specialist). Will keep reading and hopefully contributing! Terry and Tristen