Pre-Surgery Headaches

I have chronic headaches, and am wondering how many of you also had them chronically before having surgery?

Both surgeons I’ve seen have said headaches are not related to my aneurysm,but that the headaches will get worse after surgery.

This makes me really scared to have surgery. :frowning:

I had plenty of migraine headaches before my rupture. The worst one was approximately 2 weeks before the aneurysm ruptured. According to this group, it’s known as a Sentinel (warning) headache. My opinion is that an aneurysm pushes everything out of balance and causes these headaches. Because after I survived my rupture, I no longer have the headaches, neck aches and back pain I used to have. I no longer use acupuncture or chiropractics because I am no longer in continuous pain. Immediately after surgery and for a few years going forward, I did have headaches, but my surgery was very invasive because of brain bleeding/swelling. I get approximately 1 migraine per month (6 years later). Usually due to barometric weather changes as I have a shunt in my head now. Try not to be scared. You are acting proactively, rather than being caught unaware like I was. I’ve had several angiograms to check on my coil. They were truly no big deal. And at my five year anniversary it was a CTA scan. Technology has come a long way. Good luck to you.

I had a rupture aneurysum and before the rupture i had a pressure headache then the next day it rupture. I was found in my garage by my daughter in law. Had a coil done to stop hemerage and suffered a stroke. Was in hospital 6 weeks and rehab 2. Everytime it rains or barametrice pressure drops i get bad headaches which before this aneurysum i never had before didnt even know what a headache felt like. I see my specialist December 18/17 cant wait to ask when these headache will go away. Im sure once they take care of the aneurysum you will be fine i find that all stories are different some people get headaches some dont unfortunetly i get them. Wish you luck regardless of out come think of this at least your alive

Thanks, that is helpful. I do have stiff neck and backaches too, so that is very interesting.

I had an unruptured Aneurysm in 2010. I had severe headaches before my surgery. I had a clip placed. The surgeon also told me mine were not related. But thank goodness for them or I would not have gone to the doctor like I did. When you do get them it is a reminder that you need to take it easy. After the surgery each person has different struggles with headaches. Mine are very much related to the Barometric Pressure. Each person is different so just because I have them does not mean you will. Give yourself time to heal and learn triggers and what works best for you.