Posterior Cerebral Artery annie? Annie-one?!

I know they are pretty rare, but does anyone else here have/had their annie on the posterior cerebral artery? If so, what was your treatment like, was it ruptured or unruptured?

Jennifer...are you one of the rare suppliers of a PCA aneurysm? Presume you are... recently / oddly had read somewhat about PCA aneurysms...and, the small percentage of them. No, I do not knowingly have one.

Have you shared your story and it is one of five hundred I have missed (or memory-lapsed). If yours is PCA, was it closer to your basilar or the posterior communciating artery or somehwere between?

I don't think I've done a formal post of my story, but yes, I was lucky enough to have a PCA.

From all of the reports I've read, I couldn't tell precisely where the exact location is, but I can paste the MRI report when they initially thought it was an AVM.

"A rising from the P2 segment of the right PCA is a tortuous vessel which courses are from the right middle cerebral peduncle, toward the hippocampal fissure. Venous drainage is likely to the right basal vein of Rosenthal, centrally to the vein of Galen and potentially to the right middle cerebral vein. An aneurysm is not visualized. The overall dimensions of the suspected arteriovenous malformation is 28 mm AP by 10 mm transverse."

Does this tell you anything? I tried to look all those areas and some were helpful, some were not. They eventually said it was a dissecting, fusiform, curly Q aneurysm with a berry sac aneurysm embedded in the brainstem.

Well, yes I do know the P2 segment for other reasons... what little I know (no expertise) is that PCAs branch off the top of the basilar...P1 segment and PComA supply the thalamus (and more) and the P2 segment bifurcates into the posterior temporal artery and internanl occipital artery (posterior division)...for a diff reason I had this little anatomical note in my file...

As I understand it... arteries bring blood into the brain...veins take the blood out of the brain... so I always need the anatomical draft...with the arrows pointing in and out...

Have you been treated or yet in the diagnostic / monitoring / decision making process?

I had my crani on Feb 24, they clipped the berry and applied gauze to the remaining dissecting artery. Angiogram in one year.

My Annie burst @the PICA - It was at the lower right of my brain and affected my left side. I’m 2.5yrs since it happened.