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Post surgery observation

5 & 1/2 months post - ruptured aneursym surgery. There is a dent near the surgical site and and a bulge( looking like a vein). Has anyone experience this? He also has major cognitive impairment and memory problems!

I am 1.2 years post surgery and have had the dent since I started to heal after surgery. From what my surgeon told me and what I have read online - it is completely normal. I have seen references calling it a “craniotomy dent” and also references to it being from the temporal muscle wasting. My dent is right above my temporal muscle. I actually didn’t even really notice it until my surgeon inspected it about 3 weeks post op and commented that it “isn’t too bad.” Though my hair also partially covers it. Some other forums I have read people said their dent has changed over time.

I am not personally familiar with the “buldge” or vein like symptom you mentioned.

I uploaded a picture ,if you look closely you will see a dent and “bulge”.

Yes, that is interesting, Havefaith. But we’re not doctors, so it’s hard to say. From what I can read, though, a visible dent isn’t uncommon:

There are a few posts on that page which sound a bit like what you are describing.

What I do know for sure is that I think your dad has beautiful hair! Such a distinguished grey.

Have you sent that picture to his surgeon and asked?

Seenie from ModSupport

Thank you and they are not sure but we are watching it carefully.

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I am 10 weeks post surgery for an unruptered aneurysm. I definitely have a dent in the back of my head and have read many other posts about people having a dent also!