Post Keppra medication after-effects

It has been several months since I’ve provided an update. Thankfully, everything since the day of his burst aneurysm on Aug 10, 2023, my husband has been doing very well, to the point that he is now off of Keppra, his most recent MRI, CT and EEG scans have all come back negative, and he is not taking any medication at all for this. He was initially given Keppra as a precaution, “in case” he had had a seizure when his aneurysm burst. I was there when it happened and did not seem him have a seizure then, nor since that day, and the EEG results show no evidence to the contrary.

It’s only been about 15 days since he was fully weaned-off of Keppra and since then, he has experienced a number of things that we think has to be related to this medication somehow:

  • On the 3rd and 4th day after stopping Keppra, he had a sharp pain on the left side of his head that lasted for just a few seconds, but left a dull, continuous weird feeling in his head, similar to a headache, but not quite. He took some tylenol, but this did nothing. Since his aneurysm was on the right side and the sharp pain was on the left, we spoke with his neurologist. Given that his recent tests all looked good, he suggested that it be a watch-item and to get to an ER if pain worsened. The pain/strange feeling went away the next day. In addition though,
  • his level of energy and stamina have gone down
  • he is far more tired than he was while on Keppra
  • he is experiencing a lot of indigestion and a sore stomach
  • his appetite has decreased

I have read other posts on this board and my husband’s symptoms are very similar to those of other people who are on, or were on, Keppra, but I haven’t found anything about after-effects of stopping Keppra. Anyone go through, or going through anything similar?

Thank you

Thanks for the update! I couldn’t tell you the number or types of epilepsy meds one of my neurologists had me try, because I don’t remember. I do hope some of our members who’ve used Keppra will share their experiences. I also tried searching the internet and found nothing pertaining to your question.

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Thank you Moltroub, I too have search the internet and found one result that attributed the symptoms to coming-off of Keppra and that they could last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. But only one result which suggests to me that this is not too common. I look forward to hearing the experiences of other members who might have experienced something similar.

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