Post Aneurism eye problems?

I had two aneurisms coiled in April, both 10mm. The surgeon said they were behind my optic nerves. The coiling went successfully according to my surgeon. The last month and a half I have started having blurry lines and flashing lights in my left eye mostly, but twice in the right. They were infrequent at first but are now coming every day. There is no pain and they disappear in five or six minutes. I also have had my left arm and leg go all wobbly. I talked to my surgeon's office, went to the Er and saw the doctor that actually discovered my aneurisms and to the ophthalmologist for all kinds of tests. They all seem to think it is "silent migraine" and has nothing to do with my coiling. I never them before. I would like to know if anyone has experienced such a thing after coiling? I won't have an MRI until October to check whatever they check. Seems odd that I would have these weird spells only since the coiling? Just a coincidence? Thank you for any input you can give me. Muriel Steven

Ah Muriel I posted this under myself...because you said you could not and I sent to all members...please read problems after coiling...? ~ Colleen

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Oh gosh Colleen, sorry for the confusion but I finally found my way into the discussion section......took me a while but I did manage to post it. I will go into your site and see if I can read the replies. Thank you, Muriel (as you see, I am not very computer savvy)

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Thanks trying to understand how this all works but it is tough.....not a computer wizard here obviously. I am heading out to drive the tractor for hubby......You have a Happy Day! Muriel

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