This is one of the strangest aneurysim side effects I can imagine. Before my surgery the last time I wrote a haiku was in the third grade. After surgery thet started spilling out of my head. Some of them are written to accompany photographs but here's a few anyway. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

I am not the same

I can’t say exactly how

I just can’t go back

Waves crash on the shore

Like the storm inside my head

Til peace is restored.

Why am I still here?

Why was I chosen to live?

Someone was watching.

I woke up today.

What an incredible gift

To simply wake up.

I’ve stood on the edge

And stared into the abyss.

I’m still on this side.

What I thought mattered

Doesn’t seem important now

Life is more precious.

WOw! Talent, inspiration, positive messages - you’ve got a gift. Keep 'em coming! I especially love the abyss one.

excellent…when a window closes,a door opens up to bigger and better things…i love them if u dont mind i might borrow a couple to hang around my house…great

Help yourself. Maybe someday you can buy the book! :slight_smile:

will do…make it happen :wink:

This is very good. Let us see more.

Thank you very much. I will share more.

Dear Thomas with thanks

For words that come to you now

As part of your road

(ok.....I'm no you in the Haiku dept....but thanks!)


One more beautiful than the other. Words that are so true. I look forward to reading more. Thank you my friend.