Please help me help my mom!

My mother had a major brain bleed four years ago. Her behavior has been severly affected and I found this web sight in hopes of finding answers to get her the help she needs. The local doctors have not been helpful. (in small town USA) Medicating her mostly for depression but not addressing her (many) anger outburst. I need your help and expertise to help my mother. I know she's in there somewhere. I don't want to place her in a health care facility but don't know what else I can do to help her at this point. My father requires 24 hr sitters at home and because of my mothers behavior we have lost 3 wonderful sitters in the last four months. Please lend me your experience and advice in this delicate matter. She is currently in the local hospital for 2 weeks for evaluation AGAIN (3rd time) in the senior care Psych area. I know it will once again be a waste of time. I can't let her go home though until I get her more stablelized. She is too much of a disruption for my father and his caregivers. There has to be a medication that can assist her in controling the anger and OCD issues that have evolved into a monster. She is the sweetest most caring person when she is in a calm state of mind and isn't having these outburst. I know my mom would go to the end of the earth in search of an answer to help me if the rolls were reversed. I must not stop till I find an answer. Where can I get her the help she so desperately needs and deserves?!

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I wish I can help...I am sure given sometime...someone on this site will be able to help you out...

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I assume she is being followed by a Neurologist. That said, ask her Doctor if Lexapro antidepressant can be tried. If it works, then you may want to have him tirate it down to the lowest possible dose over a trial period to make sure it keeps working then tirate down.

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im curious, what is it that provokes these outburst? people, especially when we get older get very irritated n frustrated when theres a feeling of not being in im wondering if she feels like the anny incident has made her feel less in control of her situation...which in turn, be pissing her off..then again as we get older some feel they have earned the right to be irritable towards whoever they please..i had a grandmother that would just say some of the most awful things and we all bypassed it because we blamed it on old being old doesnt justify being mean or ugly...i would just let her know.."mom if you dont cut out this ugly behavior were gonna have to put u n a senior facility" see if that will help her to tone it down a bit..not meant to be mean,but it would be an ultimatum..maybe shes acting out to get attention,,like k7ds do,,i mean she aees ur father getting all this special attention n shes just throwing some hypothetical scenarios out there..i hope she gets better soon for ur familys piece of m8nd..take care n God bless