Plavix and aspirin question

Out of curosity, when do yo take your meds? Do you take them together? One in the morning and one at night?

I start mine on Tuesday and was wondering how well routines for work for others.

I took both plavix and aspirin at night and I still take the aspirin at night. Seems to not upset my stomach as much as it did taking it in the morning.

I take them both in the morning. My doctor warned me that Plavix and aspirin in your stomach all night wasn't a very good thing.Of course Linda's experience was quite different...

You're right Marcy, I think we will see many different responses. Good post Stephanie! Am curious to see how others respond

I take my aspirin and plavix in the morning when I take my other meds so I don't forget. I have never had a problem taking them.

I take Plavix and Aspirin at the same time with my dinner. I have a sensitive stomach and it's been very hard on me (acid reflux, etc.). My doctors recommended that I take it with the largest meal of the day, and I take 300mg of Zantac daily, and Extra Strength Tums as needed. It still doesn't always take care of the pain/upset so I have to really watch what I eat. Hope you have much better luck!

Hi Stephanie! I take a coated baby aspirin and my plavix first thing in the morning. I have been on them since one week before my surgery. I take them with my allergy meds and vitamins so I don't forget. I usually eat a decent breakfast to help absorb. Have had no issues whatsoever doing this for the past 5 months. Everyone is different though. Make sure you ask your doctor what he prefer you do...Good luck and keep us all posted. Praying for you girl!


I take the Plavix with breakfast and the aspirin with dinner. I always make sure I have food in my stomach. I like taking the aspirin in the evening since it helps a little with any late day headaches.

I take a full strength, 325mg, aspirin and the generic Plavix (got switched after two months, just an insurance thing) both with breakfast, along with my vitamin and fish oil. Never had an issue or considered taking them any other time because I figured if I just took them when I was already used to taking something else, I wouldn't forget! :)

I take one baby aspirin 4x a day, and my plavix with lunch.

I take two baby aspirin with breakfast, the plavix with lunch then two more baby aspirin with dinner. Still had stomach issues …so now i take a zantac brfore breakfast. Seems to help some

the fish oil has some pro and cons. what made you do with it?

They also put me on zantac…but ive have “intestinal issues” since ive been on it, a week now. Every night I’m in and out of the bathroom. Its frustrating. I have to take the plavix and aspirin for 4 more months, and the meds they give to help my stomach are really messing up my intestines!! Any advice fir acid reglux without zantac??