Plates and screws

I am 4months post op from clipping of aneurysm. My recovery has gone pretty smooth. However, as early as week 3 I noticed a screw seemed to be raised to the point you could put a finger on your skull and feel it. As the weeks have passed it seems to be protruding more. The screw is tender to touch. In addition, there is a noticeable depression of my forehead where the cut into my skull was done. So when looking at my forehead ( as my craniotomy was on the front right, due to aneurysm on my carotid). You can actually see a circle depression on my forehead. There is some pain, but tolerable. Wanting to know how concerning this should be. I have asked my doctor about the screw originally and was told we would just keep an eye on it. Is it normal to have this depression around the edge of the cut?

Hi Moira,

How are you feeling? Have you noticed any changes in the depression/screw?

We are thinking about you.


Hello! I don’t know if this will make you feel any better, but I also have a bit of a “dent” in my forehead. I had my craniotomy 6 months ago on the front of my skull and can feel screws across my hairline and into my hair on my scalp. It has been tender from the start, and I’m not sure that it will change. I never asked my doctor about the screws other than if they are there, but they don’t seem to be moving. I guess the moral of the story is, I haven’t had any issues thus far but I am unsure as well. I can feel a lot of screws, but I think it is more because of how the skin is towards the front and on your forehead.

Feeling ok. Actually the screws are more pronounced now. I did have one in particular that seemed to show through the skin but a few more are protruding now.
The original screw is actually white in color as it seems to be stretching the skin. They are tend but have a scan in a few months and hope they will tell me all is ok.