Pipeline Surgery

I am scheduled for the Pipeline surgery on a Wednesday and was hoping to be back at work the following Monday. My doctor indicated that it was possible, if everything goes according to plan. However, when I read other posts, it appears that the recuperation period may be longer than I had anticipated. Do you think I am being overly optimistic?

Hi Rog and welcome to the PED Group.

Optimism is a wonderful things, but is sometimes detrimental to our own health. I had my PEDs placed over 16 months ago. Frankly it took me about a month before I really felt close to normal and able to work a full 8 hour work day. My doctor did have me off work for two weeks, but after a couple days at work, I realized that I was very fatigued and not ready to return to work. I was then put back out for another two weeks. After that point, I really was ready to go back full time.

You will see many different answers to this post, because we all heal so differently. One thing we all do share in common is the fact that we had brain surgery. Although we as PED recipients have no outside wounds, your brain does control your body and it will tell you when you are ready to every thing. Just please listen to your brain and remember to rest, rest, rest, and do not push yourself too hard. I suggest that you read A Letter From Your Brain. This will help put into perspective everything that you will feel and what your brain will feel like after your surgery. Share it with family, co-workers and friends so they too will understand what you will be going through.

We will be here to help you through all stages from pre-surgery to surgery and post surgery. We are a post away and you will find lots of love, strength and understanding from us all.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please do keep us posted on your journey!

Best wishes,


Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful.

I received three more opinions after going to Stanford where the doctor put me under and aborted the procedure, because the artery width was 5.25 mm and the stent diameter is 5mm. I was told by these doctors they felt it would work it does have some expansion. They all thought it was feasible. I'm going to cedar sinai in L.A., and have the procedure done on November 13th. Needless to say, I'm nervous, going through this again. I will be 71 years old on November 23, I feel our age is just a number and I honestly can say I don't feel my age, even with this anuerysm, and I won't call it an "Annie", because like someone else said on this site its too cute a name for such a malformation. My passion has been music all my life, I feel that it has kept me young. I didn't want to wait to see if was going to grow or rupture. If I could help it, I didn't want the artery occlusion test either. I know that some of us don't have those options. I received five opinions all together and only one opposed the use of the stent. So wish me luck, I'll be gone for a month but when I come home I will post my update. Thank you for all the support!

Hey Rog,

Everyone is so different, it's difficult for us to tell you whether you're being too optimistic or not. Just recently someone went back to work after only six days recovery time. Others have more than one issue going on to begin with which is why they found the aneurysms in the first place. And still others have complications from the procedure, mainly headaches or migraines. My advice would be to make sure you have a doctor lined up for follow-up care should you need it, see what you can do, and if you do go back to work that quickly, take it very carefully.

Prayers headed your way for a successful surgery!


Rog I think it depends on your support at work and what you do at work and your drive. I was driving a golf cart at 3 weeks and vacationing, which made it very easy for me to lie down. I would plan on two weeks for the sake of your life and health? if at all possible. General anesthesia itself takes some people a week to get back into a sleeping pattern.But the procedure itself is as I have said before a piece of cake..other than the damn stress. Good luck Rog.Sincerely.