Phone usage(just curious)

Is it ok if a post-brain aneurysm surgery patient use the phone as normal (call, text…etc) or is it not a good idea? And tv usage

Honestly, It`s not good for us to use our PHONES after surgery.
or even reading for a long period of time. I Think this was told to you after being discharge from the Hospital and by your Nuero.
Give it a little more time so that the wounds of the surgery will heal. And not to stress the patient.Get well soon!

Its been 2and a half months so is it still OK?

Its been nearly 3 months or still not a good idea

Hi, The truth is using or exposure to Blue light which phones has is not really a bad Idea, But if theres a need to use it, like for example emergency calls I think its GO. even ask for anyone. I did use gadgets, phones when I am on my 1 yr from surgery this is just what i felt when i used my mobile then at first its okay but when i frequently do this I had “nausea” and with this I had to rushed to my Nuero just to check me out.
That’s why I’m sharing this.Sometime On my way to recovery I had some hardtime because I ignore things that is not good for us.

God Bless