Peripheral Vision issues

Hello again, hope everyone is doing good this evening. But I bring another topic to our group. This past Friday, I went to get my new drivers license in Ohio and had to take an eye test. I had the hardest time seeing the flashing lights to my left or right. The fellow at the counters asked me, you still haven't seen them? I had to realy concentrate to see them, because if I didn't, I had this feeling he wouldn't pass me.

Well I was a little concerned, since I haven't gone for an eye exam since my annie. Do you all know that from now on we get a little different eye exam. My PCP refered me to an Opthomologist here in Ohio, not just any mind you. His fist available apt is in Nov.

Well I did some research and problems with peripheral vision after an annie is somewhat common, but one that shouldn't get over looked. My Neuro, past and present never mentioned it to me. How about everyone out there, have you had your eyes checked lately?

Yes Sandra...I had my eyes checked a year ago...still need reading glasses, but lucky for me ... I passed and did fairly good... I was told it was important that I get this done at least every 2 I have a right eye since my coiling that droops, sometimes closes on it's own, but the real problem...the pain is sometimes so awful I get nauseated ... and have already vomited...the Neurologist recently told me I have to see a Neuro~Opthomologist ... so this is my next plan of action...~ Thanks for sharing this post...Colleen

Hi Colleen, that sounds horrible. You may qualify for plastic surgery with that eye, have you checked? You get pain on the eye itself? I don't have that, and hope I don't. I've been off going only because of a recent move to another state. Since I had to get eye tested for new license, I found out that my peripheral vision was not good. On a webtsite it actualy says to call your doctor emmediatly since it could be pretty bad. God I hope not. Thank You for the info. Good luck with your eyes.

Hi Sandra, when my annie was first discovered & PED placed, I had lost some of my peripheral vision, but 12 months later at my opthologist appointment he was surprised that it had improved greatly, I need glasses for reading & I have prescription sunglasses but do not have glasses for driving or distance sight.

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the info, I knew need to do a whole different exam after an annie, but haven't been to one yet, I guess I will know more when I finaly see my new Opthomoligist in Nov. I'm way over due. As for glasses I wear them regulary. Bifocals. But taking that eye test at the MV made realy nervous, I realy couldn't see the flashing lights, had to realy focus. But I passed.

How are things going for you otherwise?

Hi Sandra,

My 1st aneurysm was detected by an Opthomologist back in 1998....he took a look into my left eye with his pen light and made the determination immediately, of course confirmed by an MRA later that evening. I've been told also to let the Opthomologist know about any close relatives who've had detached retina's in the past (Not that it necessarily is annie-related, just something to note)

Hi Janet, did you feel anything prior to him finding the annie? Our body is amazing isn't it?

oh yeah, I did...the reason I went to see the Ophomoligist was due to severe double vision (as my annie was growing it snapped the 3rd optic nerve in two) which left me with double vision and facial nerve palsy on the left--in all truthfulness I should've reported to the ER two days sooner when I experienced the headache from hell -- which is when the optic nerve snapped. The pain became much more bearable however after the 'snap' , so .....I made an appt. with the othomoligist the next day....saw him the following day... and then landed in the hospital that same night. clipping the next morning....(i'm rather stubborn I guess, plus the big deal of not having any health insurance--combined to make me really, beyond stupidly stubborn)! and yes, the body continues to amaze me, truly!

Hi Sandra,

I have been seeing a neuro ophthalmologist since 3 months after my annie surgery. My optic nerve was ruffed up a little during the surgery and I ended up with double vision. The double vision is mostly gone and what is left is corrected with prism glasses. The neuro ophthalmologist follows me annually.

My peripheral vision is also limited and I have blind a blind spot on the upper right corner. Have not had to take the drivers test since surgery, but I would not be able to pass without my glasses.

Good luck.

Hi Sandra, I had an annie clipped in April 2011 -- It was on the Left ICA and resting on my optic nerve. During my annual eye exam I couldn't see much out of my left eye & learned that my right eye had been compensating for it. My doc told me to see neurologist for brain aneurysm or brain tumor. My mom had died at age 45 of a ruptured aneurysm & I had had an MRI years ago and nothing was found. Long story short, the clipping went well but I lost nearly 50% of my peripheral vision in the left eye. I also met with a world-reknown neuro-opthamologist at Mass Eye & Ear and he told me that it often happens when the annie is near the optic nerve. Optic nerve damage cannot be repaired so you need to live with the vision issue.

My visual acuity in the eye is very good except for the fields where vision has been lost. I find that I need to turn my head when merging into traffic and sometimes will have something appear in front of me when I never saw it on my side (like someone pushing a grocery cart in a grocery store). I used to only wear glasses for reading but now wear them full-time for clearer all around vision.