Pain - migraines

I’m very upset. I’m in pain again right now which is turning into a migraine. This is my 4th migraine this week. I have coils and I was wondering if others suffer like this?

Hi Paige ... I am so sorry that you are experiencing so many migraines...what does your Neurologist suggest ?

I have coils and suffer from migraines, but only a few a I can't help you out...Geez...I wish you could get some relief...Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

hi paige-sorry to hear your having migraines-i have coils but no migraines-hope you get some relief, i had 2 pre-SAH and none since. our thoughts & PRAYERS ARE with you

I don't have coils. My aneurysms were clipped, but I still have an active AVM--I've had 3 radiation treatments to shrink it. All my friends & family thought my migraines would be miraculously cured, but the doctors never told me that the migraines would go away. My neurologist said I was probably a migraneur anyway, but the aneurysms probably made them worse.

My migraines have been much better the past year, but were really bad in early June (had my 3rd Gamma Knife radiation treatment) and again this past week.

Hi Paige,

I had a coiling done in April. I had never experienced migraines before and now have them on a regular basis. I have been seeing a headache specialist and keeping a "headache" chart to see which foods or events trigger the migraines. None of the migraine medications seemed to work. I have been taking Nortriptyline for about a month and the headaches have decreased. I tried going off of them because one of the side affects is weight gain but the headaches returned. This is normally used as an anti-depressant but doctors also prescribe them to prevent migraines. It is worth it as my quality of life has greatly improved! I wish you luck!

Here is a link that describes the medication:


my husband had a coiling procedure in feb this year and he has migraines 24-7, very bad and he went back to have the coiling looked at and it was still good, so he is going back to his neuro dr friday to see why he is having terrible migraines.


I am sorry to say that I suffer from this migraine terribly and can't seem to find relief. I am now on depression meds because I have become very depressed I know something is wrong, but the doctors are saying the MRI do not show swelling or bleeding. Although the left side of my face and temple is swelling. I am almost convinced and I hope and pray this is not your case that this is permanent side effect of the surgery. I had an aneurysm clipping done in December. I pray that you get better! rest, cold towel pads, silence and lots of patience!!!! God bless!!! I think this just take a lot longer time than the doctors are telling us.