Pain from Craniotomy Screws

I had a ruptured aneurysm clipped in 2014. I’ve had a really lucky recovery, no deficits. Returned to work in 6 weeks.

However, I have dealt with headaches from very early on in the recovery. They’ve ranged in pain level, type and frequency over the years. Methods to help include pain meds, massage, physio. Nothing really helps, just makes me a bit more comfortable for a period of time.

Recently I am dealing with a new pain - I’ve lost 30 lbs in the last year and can now feel screws in the back of my head from my craniotomy. They hurt to the tough, cause pain when moving my head a lot, and when laying on that side. The pain radiates to an overall headache as well as down my neck, causing my range of motion to be significantly limited.

I’ve started to research my options, but because I also had a PICA bypass my current neurosurgeon is reluctant to remove the screws or give me numbing injections as he “doesn’t know exactly where my bypass is”. He suggested I go back to my original surgeon, which isn’t an option for me because he’s now retired and lives in the US - I now live in the UK.

I’m still researching my options, possibly a fat graft to put back some padding, but for now just physio and taking it easy when my pain is flaring up. Any one else dealt with pain from titanium hardware and found relief?