Pain Behind Eye - Clear MRA

Is there anybody on the site who had pain behind their eye and had an aneurysm missed on MRA with contrast? My tests have come back clear, but because the pain still comes off and on I’m worried. I’m a 21 year old female.

Hi Jen,

I had my coiling on a SAH in 2007. I am currently starting to have behind the eye pain that’s quite severe above and behind my right eye. I see my primary in March as I am due for a scan anyhow. I will let you know the results as this is a new pain experience for me, I too am kinda worried about this pain, it is very strong, but it is responding to excedrin migraine.

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Hey guys heard from a friend that it’s possible to get strokes in your eyes never heard of such a thing before this but good to know.
Take care

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I found an article on eye stroke

Here’s an article on pain behind the eyes

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