Pain after ruptured aneurysm

Hi is whole body pain normal from having a brain aneurysm im and confuse trying to learn how to deal with daily chronic pain doctors say its nerve damage?what can i do about it. Will it ever go away

Thank you for all your help it really helped me on how i felt and saw life My God be with you and have a great day.

Good Morning Tanisha! Welcome again and thank you for posting. I’ve moved your question to a new topic as you can tell. Not sure what type of pain you’re having, please let us know. Headaches can be debilitating, though not near what our thunderclaps were. If you would like to share what type of pain you’re having, I’m sure there are members who can share their experiences…

Hello and yes like electricity through arms,legs feet

Thank you! For me, that feeling was more of an intense tingling though sometimes painful, I could handle ok. Nerve damage takes a long, long time to heal in my experience. My Neurosurgeon did check my lumbar section as it was thought to be some issue with my pins and screws from the surgery the year before I ruptured, thankfully all was fine. Then a year or two ago, the Neurologist did two things - ordered a nerve conduction study for my legs and a complete MRI of my spine. I was coiled for the rupture but I think those with craniotomies have a different experience and hope members who’ve had that feeling come and share.