Our prayers have been answered

Hello every one, if you remember i posted a discussion to please pray for Christine Hyslop from the Uk.

Just spoke to her, and she is fine and still has her sense of humour.

She had clipping on the 14th of this August, it's now the 17th a few days later, and is going home tomorrow.

How amazing, the power of prayer. She said she will get talking on site again, when she can, still tired.

Thanks every one and she thanks you all as well

love you all


thank you nNikki-oops i stuttered!!!-hoping Mark bought her that big mac cause i sent her a cyber burger gift from our store @baf & she will be disappointed if she tries to take a bite out of that! Will continue prayers for strength & healing,thank you Jesus! Please pray for Sue A she has a surgery in a few weeks- and Liam and all others! thank you, may God bless all of you & yours!

Oh Nikki....this is wonderful news...thanks for the update...you are a good person...

Cyber~hugs and prayers to you and Chris...~ Colleen

Thanks for the update


Nikki...thank you for the update...it is so warming to read results like this.... Pat