One year check up

It has almost been one year since my clipping surgery for an unruptured aneuysm and I have been so blessed. I had an excellent recovery and am back to feeling like myself...with a better appreciation for all that I have in my life! I am scheduled for my one year check up scan next Monday and it has made me surprisingly anxious. I feel that everything is fine but there is a tiny lump in the pit of my stomach. Anyone else feel like that?

I will be so much happier once it is done and get the results back! My mom has had two clipping surgeries about 5 years apart. I feel like a part of me will always be waiting until I get the news that I need a second surgery. I haven't really thought about it much but seems like the check-up stirs it up.

Anyway, just sitting at work feeling distracted by this so thought I would just write it here. Thanks for listening. :-)

Congratulations on getting close to the 1 yr Annie- versary. I think once we have an aneurysm we are always on pins and needles. I had the coiling procedure done on a ruptured aneurysm & an unruptured one in February 2912. As side effects go I’ve done pretty good. Still… you just kinda wait to see if another shoe will drop. We are very fortunate to be here. I try to embrace everyday with good thoughts. Wishing you good news on the upcoming procedure.

Hi Kim,

WhooHoo one year ! You know, after my 1st aneurysm/clipping, after it was over with and I was back to 'me', I didn't give it much thought (about getting another aneurysm)..all that changed when... I got another aneurysm! It was about 6 years after the 1st one (Well, it could've /should've been dealt with sooner BUT being stubborn and not wanting to know, I didn't acknowledge its presence until it wouldn't let me ignore it) SO yeah after that annie of 2006, (complete with a coma, a shunt, trache, tubes every-which-way. oh and coils!) I paid attention to the "what if" and "now what's" concerning any pain in my head after that... I thought I was all good to go on endlessly until the coils compacted suddenly in 2010--the pain of which was identical to what I remember from the 2006 episode, so I thought I had another aneursym on my hands. Nope, just the coils compacting, so I was able to have that aneurysm clipped and hopefully will never have to deal with anymore of these surprises ever again.

So often I hear that after a person has been clipped, they don't have any sort of follow ups with the Neurosurgeon scheduled other then the initial aftercare visits consisting of getting the staples or stitches removed and maybe one more visit down the line...but at 1 year- Now, thats preventive care ! Thats the way it ought to be for anyone who's been thru such a thing, but usually isn't. You mentioned that your Mom has undergone 2 coilings...were you checked due to family history concerns?

I think your feelings are natural...ever time I go in for an angiogram I worry about the results...

Congratulations on your 1 Year Annie~versary....Wishing you a great day and to do something for YOU...~ Colleen

Myra - so glad to hear you are doing ok! I have the same philosophy…thankful for everything I have and try to embrace every day. I agree the experience has made me a bit on pins and needles but generally doesn’t bother me…just this check up has me thinking. :slight_smile:
Thanks for you well wishes!
Take care.

Thanks Janet! That is quite the history you have…hopefully it is all behind you now! Yes, I have a strong family history. My mom had an aneurysm clipped in 1990 and then another one clipped in 1995. On my dad’s side, one of my aunts passed away from a rupture and two aunts have aneurysms. I had been meaning to have a checkup but there was always some reason to delay…mostly having babies. :slight_smile:
Finally had the scan and they found a small one which I had clipped in May 2012. I believe in being proactive and my surgeon is also very proactive. We have a plan for future scanning for the rest of my life. Yearly for a while and then less frequent as long as all is well. I take comfort in knowing that the risk of a rupture should be low (hopefully!) as I will be checked regularly. The statistics are low for having two but seems like I hear about it often. Try not to think about it much…and haven’t really until this check up.
Thanks for the reply!
Take care.

Thanks Colleen! Wishing you a great day too. We are finally getting some summer weather here in Alberta Canada. It snowed last weekend but wonderful this weekend so enjoying being outside and letting the kids play while we get the yard ready for summer. :slight_smile:
Take care.


Congratulations...and, it is so gratifying to know your results on the long-term open surgery...

Just curious...what artery / segment was your aneurysm on?

You and your mother have been deep breathing into that pit in your stomach...thinking of your successes...

Blessings...are on their way...