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One year ago today

I had my surgery to clip my aneurysm. I can't believe it has been a year. There are days it feels like just yesterday, and then there are the rare days that I forget, until I look in the mirror of course.

What am I trying to say?- It gets better. This does not define me. It is something that I went through, and SURVIVED! I came out a better person. Heck, even my hair is getting better. LOL

The funny thing is, I am turing 40 in a few weeks. Most of my friends have whined and complained about turning 40. I am looking forward to it. I GET to turn 40. I am alive to turn 40.

Thank you all for being here for me for the past year.


Wow, Terri, I can't believe it has been a year that we have all been sharing our stories and that you were in having your surgery. I agree with you, I will turn 50 this year and am very thankful that I am here to have a birthday. I believe that I am a better person now, as well. I certainly don't take life for granted or my family and friends.

Happy Anniversary!!!! Terri

Take Care,

~ Carol

Thank you Carol!

Thank you Sue. My husband and I just took a trip to Italy to celebrate my birthday. It was absolutely perfect. Happy belated birthday to you.


Hi Terri,

God, it IS strange to think that it has already been a year since your surgery! and like Carol I remember all the back/forth, etc. before you had your surgery and afterwards as well..and when you were in the 'interviewing' mode of finding the right surgeon for your case--and having to figure out how to tell your kids you were having surgery without freaking them out did your research, and worked hard in getting the answers. I remember thinking you were very diligent ! and i' guess its safe to say that all your hard work certainly has certainly paid off.

Happy to hear the Italy trip was wonderful ~ happy happy birthday Terri ! And Happy Anni-versary (with many more to come) !

Peace, Janet

Woohoo Terri on the upcoming 40! Love the attitude and thanks for the reminder that it gets better. I'm sneaking up on 7.5 months so it's a good reminder.

I totally get what you're saying. Time is precious since my injury. You appreciate family and friends after this experience . And I agree turning 40 is a blessing like all birthdays. This year I am turning 48! Age is just a number and tomorrow is not promised to us so grab hold of today and LIVE.

Hi Terri...and a Big Happy One Year Annie Versary to YOU...and a Early Happy 40th to is amazing how our outlook has changed after this journey...I notice so much more and smile so much more...around me sometimes I feel so many are negative and complaining...and I just want to say..."Be Happy"...Life is so today we Celebrate your Terri and your Life...Hugs ~ Colleen

So happy for you...and, so envious...and, congratulations for your one had a wonderful celebration...


Thank you for sharing your positive outlook and success story. I had a clipping surgery last month. I have found this gave me a wonderful perspective on what is important and an opportunity to fully engage in my life. My focus before was all about my job.

Happy Anniversary!!!!


This is what I needed to see today. I’m going on 7 months since the coils and have been depressed about all the things that went wrong instead of happy about still being here.