One year ago…the diagnosis

February 7, 2013 started like any other. I had what I thought was a routine follow up appointment with the neurologist. I had had my MRI/MRA is October. I had not heard anything from the doctor after the scans, so I just assumed everything was good. When I had made the appointment in December, I mentioned it to his assistant that I had not gotten a report. She said she would get it to me. Never happened. (This was just one of the MANY problems I had with this woman. She sucked at her job)

So, I am sitting there talking to the Dr. about the new migraine med I started. Told him it seemed to be working well. That is when he started reviewing the scan results. That is when I heard those two life changing words…cerebral aneurysm. (Just writing this I feel like this was just yesterday). I felt the panic hit. I think I said something like, "Wait, what?'' Cerebral aneurysm. I started crying. Then I got angry. I asked why I was just hearing this. That is when ALL the color drained from his face. It hit him that I NEVER got my results. At this point it got so surreal. I see his lips moving but I am not hearing him. Up until then, the only thing I knew about aneurysms was that people died from them. (Thankfully I found this site and learned otherwise).

I alternated between crying and being angry. I heard the words surgeon and surgery. My heart sank. I wanted to throw up. I looked at the clock. I thought of my kids and how I was supposed to pick them up from school in an hour. My head is spinning. The Dr. is telling me he will schedule me to see the surgeon ASAP. I am thinking it must be really bad then. (Looking back I think he was trying to cover his ass). We walked out of the office to schedule the appointment.

At this point I am trying to reach my husband. I just remember telling him about the aneurysm and asking him to get the kids since I am in no condition to drive. I am standing there sobbing. My doctor's assistant tried to talk to me. I felt the urge to punch her in the face. I told her to get away from me. I told her I told her months ago I never got the results and now I am just hearing this. Someone else came over to console me. I got the appointment with the surgeon scheduled for that afternoon. I was finally able to drive home after about a half an hour. I found this site soon after.

February 7, 2013- The day my aneurysm journey began.

Oh, and the good news. My doctors assistant was fired.

Welcome and congratulations on your one year anniversary of success...

Did you have open surgery or one of the minimally invasive?

Hope you will share the f/up of the beginning of your journey...


Hi Terry...Thank you for sharing this and Congrats on Your One Year Annie ~ Versary... happy assistant got fired...~ Do something nice for YOU ~ Colleen

awwwww terri I am so sorry you endured so many travesties and I know the shock you speak of, congratulations on the many hurdles and triumphs- so glad you made the drive home- wtg! its amazing what we are able to accomplish thru all of the turmoil and bull, thank you for sharing such an emotional personal tale, you are an amazing lady full of strength and fortitude! keep fighting the good fight! thoughts and prayers for added strength and fortitude~~