One question at the end thanks

I am 39 on Oct 10, on Oct 25 I had my aneurysm that was unknown to be strart leaking while I was talking to my manager on my lunch time...real good day that started out as. I do not remember bad headaches...I had what sounded like loud blood rushing in my ears and felt dizzy...when at the end of my lunch I still did not feel normal I decided to listen to my Dr who I called who suggested I go to the ER, my eldest daughter took me there. I was fine until I went in the triage room and could feel myself getting ready to pass out. I quickly told the nurse why I was there than sat in the closest place I could. After that I have like four 30 sec memories on the 25th and 26th and nothing for 2 wks. (The surgery was done in an out of town hospital on the 27th) I ended up being in the hospital for three weeks. I think mind mind does not like morphine. I improved a lot being off all the meds in the hospital. Even when I improved I hardly remember much that was said about what they did, if it wasn't for the huge scar (still not healed but looking good lol) I could not say they did this. Clipping was good on me in the hospital but improving a lot since then.

I know they did it on my left side and all problems with my speech have cleared out (speech therapist is going to find difficult things for two more meetings and then we are done) and I have some small not complete numbness on my right side and cold and hot are not normal on that side. I feel lucky, a little speech problem, a little right side not complete normal but otherwise I feel as those I am doing great for how horrible I was in the hospital. I do not remember the headaches or how mean I was to my husband and the nurses (not all and no one else), I also do not remember meeting any doctors until the end and it was too hard for me to ask questions. I do know they found no other aneurysms.

My only question is that I am starting to get feeling back on the surgery side. The pain is not that bad except a little deeper...I can feel where they cut (looks different around my temple and I can feel it is not quite right feeling there, I can feel something that feels like it goes from one side to another, icky looking and feeling). My question is how long until the bone heals and what are some of recovery symtoms to the bone?