# of Coiling procedures on a single Aneurisms

Is there a limit to how many coiling procedures a single aneurism can have before it is considered finally fully occluded. I have a feeling I am reluctantly going for the record.

Anyone care to comment?


no clue. mine only has had the initial fill and at last check (couple weeks ago) it looked fine.

I had initial Coiling in march 2005… Then needed more coils in September same year… Showed total occlusion until 2010 but last week showed residual again… I am to have an angiogram and if the residual is confirmed My doctor wants to clip it… I don’t trust the coiling procedure to be a permanet fix in my case… but I believe everyone’s Annies are different…

How many times have you had coiling Craig?

I was coiled on my basilar artery tip...18 months ago...went for a 6 month angio checkup and told "everything ok"...now 18 months later had another angio checkup and told..."residual"...that coils compacted and blood is feeding my aneurysm...I donot know if there is a limit to coiling...but I am very discouraged with the process...


Hey Craig! I to had to have recoiling and a stent put in only 6 months after my inital coiling. I sure hope and pray that this is it for the coiling procedure I am praying to hear that mine has occluded in October and then on.

Well I have to ask~ how many coiling procedures have you had?

Good Luck!!


Hi Craig. There is no "limit" to the number of procedures you can have, but obviously each procedure carries a certain amount of risk. I've never treated a single aneurysm more than 3 times, but I have one patient with 13 aneurysms that I treated over 4 sessions. Could you tell me a little more about your aneurysm or upload some pics?