Not sure what to do?Scar-eyebrow:or along head?

I need to decide!My first surgery they craintomy,clipping.Scar is 8 inches from top of head to back of ear.My choice is if next surgery same just other
L- side.To have scar over eyebrow only 4 inched.It would seem not as much pain and I have bangs.Anyone have craintomy scar above eyebrow.Iam lost how to chose.I plead for any help.Truly thank you!

Hi Teresa,
I had same option. I told my surgeon to please make the incision where it would be best for him. That was my 1st craniotomy/clipping for 1st aneurysm.
The 2nd one, (different surgeon, same hospital) I also told my surgeon to do whatever she thought best. This surgeon went in at the old incision which is at my hairline in the middle of my forehead all the way down past my ear on right side. She went in at area of the last skull flap plate too. But, she also needed to have access in a different area. So she took out a large portion of the bone where my eyebrow is. We hadn’t discussed this part of the surgery because she didn’t know if she would need to do it. After, I asked her why she needed to take out that part of bone at my eyebrow to do what she did…Her answer, “Well, I’d rather move bone than brain.” She did it so she wouldn’t disturb more brain tissue and possibly cause more brain damage.
That would be my biggest concern. The less brain involved in the repair, the better off you’ll be.
I don’t know if any of this helps. I have word problems so taking thoughts and making them coherent in text is difficult for me.
I do know I trusted both my surgeons tremendously.
I hope you do as well.
I also know that other’s will chime in with their opinions/stories, and that will be helpful!! We have been where you are.
I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
BTW, I did shave my head both times. I hate having dirty hair!! And it made washing the staples after so much easier. Also, while in the hospital it was easier. I had electrodes all over my head to monitor my brain for activity and seizures and I can’t imagine going through that with a full head of hair. And…that’s just me.
Goodluck and I’ll be thinking of you,

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Hi again,
I just read some of your other posts. I misread that you’ve already had 1 craniotomy!! Duh!! That’s what happens when I can’t sleep!!
So, please disregard most of my post.
I hope your next surgery is easy and I’ll keep you in my thoughts.
Take care,

I’m with Mary, let your surgeon decide. Scars are an inconvenience, they can be treated with Vit E oil after the doc says ok

So very nice of you to tell me what happened to you.I also have problems with words getting them out in right order.I really thankful for your opinion.
Hope things keep getting better for you.Your so kind.

Thank you!That takes the stress off me.But would like to find a picture to see how it looks over brow.Have great day.

Oh!Made me laugh.My surgery on Dec.3,2019, UCLA.But your advice is perfect whatever makes it easier for Doctor.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Makes me happy??? that they went up from the backside to put the coil in. glad to hear you are ok!

Must have me mixed up.My first BA’s 2 right side ,craintomy,clipping.Next will be, 1 left side BA’s,cranitomy,clipping.Dec.3
Thank you!

Then I’ll set my phone for mid Nov so I can start thinking of you for/on 12/3/19.

So glad I made you laugh!!

You really are a force to be reckoned with!! Everything you’ve been through and are going through…WOW!!

I have and am fighting to make sure I can be here for as long as possible. I’m pretty sure you are too. Keep it up!!!

Take care of you and I hope this next surgery is pain free,


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Really thank you so much.So thoughtful of you to do that for me.:revolving_hearts:

Of course…that’s what we do!! My phone’s calendar is already programmed with your time frame.

And, you’re a fighter and you’ll be OK!!

Take care of yourself between now and then!!



I have a craintomy scar. You can barely see it. When I go and speak at different events on awareness, people don’t believe me because my scar is so minimal. I am proud of my scar, it is a testimony to my life and that I am still here to talk about it. It’s more of whether or not you can live with scar and what’s easier for your surgeon. My Dr tried to get to go through my hairline so I wouldnt have the scar. I wanted it over my eyebrow because I figure if I came out of it I have won the war and plus I like to tell people you should see what happened to the other guy. LOL


Thank you! for talking about the “SCAR”.Same thing has happened to me.If it’s people Iam close with I will
have them feel my scar.Its actually funny.I thought over the eyebrow would make the scar small.But your right will leave up to Doctor.Good wishes and hope your doing well.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: