Not Sure What To Ask Next

Write, it sounds like you’re doing everything positive for yourself that you can, Housework can be physically demanding, take it easy on yourself. Run your questions by your sister, she may have some you haven’t thought of. Perhaps the doctor will allow you to record so you don’t have to concentrate on writing as well as the doctors responses to your questions. Good luck tomorrow and let us know how it goes.

I will ask the doctor if I can record. Thanks for the tip!

Just finished with my neurosurgeon appointment about an hour ago. More waiting. Two neurosurgeons have looked at all my scans and they still don’t know if it is an aneurysm or just a genetic abnormality. They are now going to send them to a neuroradiologist for another look. If still they are inconclusive I will, have the CTA redone at the hospital where the neurosurgeon has his office (the machines are better there than at my local hospital) or have an angiogram in the new year.
If it is an aneurysm it’s small, so it will be a watch and wait thing. Hopefully my travel insurance will be ok with that!
Well, more waiting…

Glad they’re still working on figuring it out. Enjoy the holidays!

I’m going to try to enjoy the holiday… But my family can be stressful to be around. I would also like to know what this is and move forward…after 10 months I would like a plan so I can start moving on with my life. I miss school and England… I would like to be back to that soon!
Best wishes to you and your family (both 2 and 4 legged) for a happy and healthy holiday season!
Bertie (and Peyton the very good dog!)

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Update… Well kinda.

I hadn’t been able to contact the neurosurgeon I saw in December. (Christmas vacations and then a long office closure in January) Everytime I called the office, I got an answering machine that stated that it was only for confirming appointments. I called my family doctor to see if he could help get news. I went to see him today. He had not received the neurosurgeon’s report yet. He did some digging and found the neuroradiologist report that my CTA was sent to for a second opinion. It said there is an abnormal blood flow and dialation of my right MCA. Every other artery seems fine. She recommended another MRA with very specific parameters to look again for the aneurysm seen before. There was no mention of infandibulim or fenestration or anything that has showed up on the other MRI/MRAs that I have already had. What every test and report has mentioned besides suspected aneurysm/infandibulim/fenestration, is that the blood flow problem is concerning and needs to be followed up on every year or so.

I am so tired of this. It’s been a year. My academic career/career has had to be put on hold because I can’t get out of country medical insurance through my carrier because of the medical uncertainty (they really hated the word aneurysm… Even with the word suspected in front of it). I feel totally unsupported by my family and friends. It’s gotten worse as this has dragged on. I am just so tired.
Thanks for listening… No one else seems to want to talk to me or listen to me about this subject.

Thanks for the update Bertie! Do you have a patient portal? If so use that. I would also hit the button to make an appointment and ask for the triage RN. It may be that you simply fell through the cracks. Or make an appointment to talk to the doc

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I wish we had patient portals! Nope. My family doctor is sending the neurosurgeon a letter requesting his report. My family doctor is also putting in the request in for the new MRA. He’s been great.
I think I have fallen through the cracks. It’s just frustration on two fronts… I have totally changed my life and have done everything every doctor has asked of me. I also never thought something like this would take so long to diagnose or rule out!!

I certainly understand the frustration of having a medical issue no one can figure out. It sounds like you have one great PCP. Just hang in there! I will keep you in my thoughts.

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Thank you… That means a lot.
(Please give your dog a scratch behind the ears for me!)

I don’t know if she’s worth it, she stole the heating pad from me yesterday🤣

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Results from newest MRA are… everything is stable. There is a fenestration of my MCA. There is something else there that is causing a further dilation. It’s not a saccular aneurysm. Could be early fusiform one or other anatomical variant. What ever it is, it’s small and not growing at this time. I do have to have an annual MRA for the next 5 years to keep an eye on everything as there is a history of aneurysms in my family. I just have to keep my blood pressure under control, not smoke or drink, stay on my diet and record when I have a headache. It was also suggested that I still don’t pick up heavy things. (Yes, a cerebral angiogram would probably answer a lot… but with the world being what it is and the hospitals being under siege… I’m fine with what my doctor wants to do…)
So… Hopefully my insurance company/UK government will be happy with all this and I can get back to my studies as soon as the world tackles this Covid-19 menace.
I would like to thank everyone here for all the support and answers to some of my questions.
I wish all members good health at this dark time in the world.
Stay safe,

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Bertie! Such good news. Stability is a great thing. I too hope you can get back to your studies soon. I wonder if you can do so on the internet realizing it’s not the same…

I have taken some online courses through Oxford and they have been great. But you’re correct… It’s just not the same as being there.
Thank you so much for all your advice and support.
As always, please give your doggo a little scratch behind the ears for me!
Take care and be safe,

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