Any advice welcome

hi my name is Ally i am 21 , last January (2011) my dad went to hospital with a very sore head (not been to doc in 40 years prior) was sent home n told to take ASPIRIN!! lucky didnt and went back next day were they took him for a MRI which revealed a massive bleed from a massive aneurysm (doc words) he was then taken to Edinburgh for surgery . thankfully all went well and he is know home and recovered :-) . meanwhile i had been going to doc back and forth for 3 years about sore heads. each time sent home with a different med for migraines none of which worked !! when my dad had his bleed they decided best to take me for MRI , 3 months later i was called and asked to go to the hospital to see neurologist were i was told i had a small aneurysm , they told me they wanted to keep a eye on it mabye another MRI in 6 month , i was terrified didnt know what to do !! was then referred onto Edinburgh were i was told it was small therefore not to worry and he would scan me again in FIVE YEARS . shocked was a understatement.!! he told me my headaches are nothing to do with my aneurysm, even though all medication for migraines do NOT help. i am worried one day it will just rupture or that it has grown since my last MRI but will not know due to lack of care from health professionals. i have a little boy who is 3 and type one diabetic and i need to be here for him !! there are some days i can barely lift my head and my partner has to look after him while i lie in a dark room . this is not what i want and it really hurts. All i want is another MRI to make sure its not grown , i know its "small" but it doesn't make me feel any better about it !

Again, I think you should seek a 2nd opinion ...

were would i go for a second opinion as i would feel silly going back to my doctor to be referred again due to the neurologists bla doo attitude made it out like i was making a mountain out a mole hill !! x