Northwestern Memorial Hospital

I highly recommend the Neurosurgery team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Matthew Potts along with the IR (Interventional Radiology) staff has truly been a God-sent blessing to me. Dr. Potts is highly trained & skilled in both Open Surgery and Endovascular treatments. His bedside manner is warm & welcoming. I liked that as he explained the different options & risks, he was so thorough that he answered questions I may have had before I asked them. His staff/team made the scheduling process for the procedure very streamlined, all I had to do was show up for Pre-op and the procedure. The IR team along with Anesthesiology team made me feel confident about the procedure and was very nice & professional. Post-op care & treatment in NICU was 5-star. Dr. Potts & Northwestern Memorial Hospital are amazing!!!


Couldn’t ask for a better team, good for you!

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