Doctors in Chicago?

I had a ruptured aneurysm on April 30th and am VERY lucky to have survived with no lasting side effects. I was treated by the wonderful team at UIC led by Doctor Charbel. My treatment and care has been amazing but I have two aneurysms left to treat and have done research but am unsure if I have the best team out there?? On the one had I am pleased with UIC and just want to get my subsequent surgery over with but I don't want to feel like a slacker having not gotten a second opinion or recommendations from others- has anyone in the Chicago area loved their neuro team at Rush or Northwestern that I should look into?

Hi Janna,

I can't comment on doctors in Chicago but I will encourage you to get a second opinion.

Thanks be to God that you have had such good treatment thus far and that you are recovering so well.


I’ve heard great things about DR. Mathew Potts at Northwestern. I h e a second opinion appointment with him next week

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Dr. Potts is my Neurosurgeon. Highly recommended. I wrote a post in the “Recommend Doctor or Clinic” section.

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My original neurologist dropped me as his patient when he seen I went for a second opinion. Well this told me I wouldn’t want him as my doctor as that’s a huge red flag.
I went and see my primary for my yearly and she asked why I went to this (first) doctor and then told me “don’t go to him” , I was surprised. I now know I’m with the right neurologist at Northwestern.


@Midwestgal - Wow! That is unprofessional of that 1st doc. Patients have the right and are expected if need be to get a 2nd opinion. So, I guess patients should not go to him for 2nd opinions since he has this belief that it is ok to drop patients for getting another perspective, about their health. He is worthless and thank the Lord you came over to Northwestern.