Normal? does everyone have headaches after it's fixed?

Does everyone have headaches?? Crap I just got rid of my migraines, haven't had one in 6 years.. I don't to go back to that..
7 1/2 hrs till my angio.. and I'm having a melt down...
I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS... this isn't my life.. what the hell???
I've been reading some of your post.. Is there any normal after this?? I fell like I'm in a really bad dream.. Crap, I mean I found this early and they can fix it, but crap, crap, crap.... I just started to get my life together after that flipping divorce.. Two weeks ago I was out in the San Juans watching the Orcas and now my life as I know it is... what???

I am grateful don't get me wrong, I'm lucky and thank God every day, but CRAP..............

Is there a rewind button anywhere??

Sorry Doll, no rewind button or fast forward as I know of, but have experienced the old pause before continue to play button, and I'm sure you'll find it too. As for headaches after the fix, I believe you may have a few post surgery head hurtys but would like to think they will disperse as the brain heals. Those who are unfortunate to have continous headaches appear to be those who have the headaches before surgery, and are caused by the aneurym.

P.s Just because we are grateful, we are still allowed to feel crap .......

Best Wishes


maybe ur stressing out…be a princess warrior like ur username says…i love it…try to calm urself down…im sure all will be better after the angio…stay strong…thats the only thing we women know…we are the backbone of our families,the thread to the quilt…God will get you through it…no rewind only play…u can do it!

I totally totally TOTALLY understand. We have similar aneurysm situations and similar approaches. Here's what I want you to hear from me. I FEEL FINE!!!!!!!! I had more headaches prior to discovery of the aneurysms (that's why they were discovered), and had headaches after the coiling, but now I only get migraines right before my period, which has zip to do w my brain. Am I still scared --- yeah. Am I still trying to integrate the fact that I have these, and have had BRAIN SURGERY???? Yep. But I'm fine - I feel absolutely normal - my anxiety is way down and I find I have plenty of time where it's not much on my mind. Now it's about figuring out how to really keep living and not let this impact my head (psychologically) so much that I don't fully live. But I'm doing really really well. I feel 100% back to how I felt prior to this hell.

Just keep breathing, meditate if you can/do, and take it one step at a time, as much as possible.

Best best to you.