No Physical therapy

Hopefully I’m doing this correctly. Has anyone been released from the hospital from a coil without physical therapy? I was released from the hospital and told that I would have home physical therapy. But I’m not going to get the therapy because I could walk around my hospital room the same day of release but was not able to get up at all while I was there without assistance

Yes I was released after my 26 day stay in NSICU without PT. I couldn’t remember how to walk in NSICU, but I got up out of bed before they wanted me to LOL. My neurosurgeon, Dr. Quintero-Wolfe and her team was and is fantastic. But she doesn’t know what services are available in my county and was hoping the PCP I had at the time could do my referrals. He didn’t know what to do so suggested a new neurosurgeon. I simply had to ask Dr. Quintero-Wolfe for a prescription to Outpatient PT and had it at the place I went to the same day. You may want to reach out to your Neurosurgeon or PCP and try Outpatient PT. Another member had great success with Occupational Therapy.

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I didnt have physical therapy after my coiling

Thanks I will reach out to my neurosurgeon to see if he can give me a prescription and do outpatient

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I have had the coiling procedure twice, and was in the hospital overnight and then released with no physical therapy.

Like Ida, I too have had coiling and stents twice. No PT either time.

Let us know how it goes

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I had a ruptured brain aneurysm 8 year’s ago. I was coiled and a month later had a flow diversion stent put in. I was in the hospital for almost a month. When I got home I received physical therapy at home for a few months and then went to a physical therapy facility for two years. My walking, speech, and writing skills gradually came back. In my opinion, physical therapy is very important.

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I haven’t heard back from my neurosurgeon yet. After every single one of my previous aneurysm surgeries I have never been without physical therapy. I can walk without assistance. I guess I’m just afraid I am older now and I want confirmation got my balance is good even though I don’t feel unsteady. Sometimes I think and overthink things and want confirmation.

@praise97 do you remember the stretches, etc they taught you from the other times you’ve been to PT? One of the big ones is “tighten your core”. I also use “bridging” instead of bending over, I squat and use an arm across a leg, sorry it’s the best way I can think of to describe it. Every one of my PTs gave me a sheet with the different exercises, I keep them in a binder. I had back surgery the year before I ruptured. Did yours happen to provide the same?

Hopefully you will hear back this week,

I wish I could remember but I don’t and I didn’t keep the sheets of paper either. I don’t really been down to pick up anything because I had back surgery also and I’m fused so I use a Reacher. I’m praying that I will hear back real soon hopefully by Wednesday cuz I know Mondays are hard days for doctors offices

It does pay to be patient as a patient doesn’t it? Monday’s are horrible for doctors of all types it seems. There’s many videos on YouTube with PTs showing the exercises, I have my favorite, it’s a couple of guys that are PTs, not as good as going though. My favorite stretch for my lower back (pins and screws for me, no room for cage) is the one where I lay down flat and bring my knees up the. Move them slowly side to side. Some days I can only move them a few inches, but the muscles will work out as I keep doing them. It’s harder doing it in the bed, but it still helps. Laying on the floor makes the exercise easier but then I have to be close enough to the sofa or a sturdy chair to help get myself up. Let me know if you want the YouTube channel I refer to. Maybe it will help remind you…

Good Morning!

Good morning, I would love to have the link to that video I would like to try to do something for myself why I’m patiently waiting. I think you so much for your help I really appreciate it

@praise97 here’s the channel I use you just need to search for what you need. I also took some Tai Chi when I was walking like a drunken sailor a few years after I ruptured, it helped a lot with my balance. I found this site, but there may be better

Good luck and let us know how it works out for you! I recall a lot of members were into yoga to help with balance. Being from California, I was always impressed with the people doing Tai Chi along the Presidio in S.F. when we would go there to visit. In our small city of about 14,000, we have an adult services place that provides classes in both Tai Chi and Yoga, I think they’ve reopened, but I’m unsure. You may want to see what you have available,

Your topic has me remembering to always tighten my core and other things I learned after back surgery, thank you!

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Good morning, now that I have brought myself out of my isolation depression mode. To give you an update I did not pass the test to have physical therapy with the assessment my insurance did not approve it. I thank you so much for the Bob and Brad YouTube I went through several of them also saved several of them and doing little by little as I feel comfortable.

Thank you so much for all your help I’m so glad that you are on here to help support those of us that feel lost

Not passing the PT test for insurance is a good thing, though it may sound bad to others. It means you’re at a point that you can do many things already! Good for you ( insurance plans confuse me and it’s that time of year here in the States for Medicare re-enrollment)

I’m happy to hear that you’re finding Bob and Brad useful! Keep up the good work, keep your core tight and your balance will come back. Remember to do 15-30 minutes a day exercising. Even if you need a cane to walk about, it’s all about moving forward.

Thanks so much for the very kind words. I can’t begin to explain how much I needed a positive today.

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Yes, I was released in February 2016 without any physical or other therapy help after a coil operation in the brain.

I only found out about what was possibly available due to a friend who mentioned about “React” an organisation who see what you require and state what is available.
However, due to the system, I didn’t get much, due to me not having to recover from a stroke.
If I was recovering from a stroke, I would have had help, but as I was recovering from a brain bleed operation, and could walk, nothing was available.

Thankfully I had good friends, neighbours, and it made me more determined to recover in my own way with what was available to me: Neurosurgeons, (MRI), friends, relatives etc. and my own will power.
Just doing things in my own time, and being stubborn I guess.

After my op, I had various symptoms that the Drs didn’t get to the bottom of, so I talked to an alternative who helped me a lot, (I had a gut issue).

I also did a lot of studying, (when I was able to), about food, nutrition after a blead, and the brain, as well as talking to a qualified nutritionist, and the Neurosurgeons.

Everyone is different, so reach out to someone you can trust, and who is qualified to help.
I am in the UK, so it could be different ?

Take care of yourself, you can make it.