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I am recently diagnosed and was told to post a suggestion on a discussion site, so here I am. I am in Revere, was seen at MGH and have Aneruysm, 9 mm, being seen by Oglivy and we are talking having the PED on Sept 8 in Buffalo NY

I am a complete wreck! I don't know all the lingo yet or right terms to use, I only know that I am freaking out, and am terrified.

We were talking coiling versus PED, any news eithe way for any of you??

Also, the recovery time, and are you independent, to go home and care for yourself?? My dogs are my life, I work in the veterinary field and am widowed, so I am really nervous about everything.


HI again Cynthia,

Jim describes the PED perfectly! The thing I forgot to mention in my response to you is that i have two PEDs which are telescoped. The way my surgeon explained it is because of the size of the neck of my annie, they telescope them to make a more secured reconstruction of the artery. What he also told me is that, the clinical studies showed that within 6 months of the PED being inserted, most annies fully disappeared from the angio or follow up MRAs!!! That is what I am hoping for in my followup. I did also forget to mention that I had to be placed on plavix and and 81 mg aspirin regimen for at least 10 days prior to them being able to put the PED in, that is why when the coiling failed, then sent me home for 10 days. I will be on plavix for 6 months and probably the 81 mg aspirin for the rest of my life. I can live with that!

Again, best wishes and I am here if you need more info on the PED or just want to chat about it!

You are in my prayers and thoughts,