New to this Board- ruptured aneurism

I am new to this board. I suffered a ruptured aneurism in October of last year. I was out riding my horse and I got the worst headache I have ever had. My vision was also affected. I got off my horse and walked him back to the ranch where he is boarded. Fortunately, the ranch owner's wife is an RN. She just happened to be outside when I came back. She took me in the house and called my husband. He took me to the hospital in the small town close to where we live (Carson City, Nevada). They did a CT scan, found the aneurism and I was Careflighted to a larger hospital in Reno. I have had two surgeries -- one to repair the aneurism (they couldn't do coiling because if the way my arteries are shaped), the other to put in a stent because I had fluid buildup. My main problem now is fatigue and depression -- I am tired all the time and the depression can be almost overwhelming. My worst time is in the morning when I first wake up. I did have some therapy, but insurance and medicare won't pay for any more sessions, so I am on my own for the time being. I tried antidepressants, but they made me even more tired. I am open to any advice. Thanks.

It really takes time to know what your new normal will hasn't even been a year since your rupture...many of us suffer from PTSD and along with our neuro Doctors ... it takes work to get through...sometimes just getting out and walking can get our endorphins going and make us feel so much better...Physically and Mentally...and also give us energy from the fatigue...if nothing is working, talk to your Doctors...and maybe even some counseling would help...just don't be hard on YOU ... it takes time...~ Colleen

hi carol! nice to "meet" you! I am very similar, therapy platued me after 2 yrs. I voiced displeasure to my dr but he agreed with their decision to put me on the shelf. I do exercises at home with stretch bands and ankle weights, are you sleeping and eating right? Anything we can do to help ourselves will be most beneficial. I feel like im stuck in a rut. Things will improve but its at a snails pace-so slow we can't perceive it I think. keeping us all in thoughts and prayers for strength and great stimulation of the mind~~

Colleen -- thanks for your reply. Apparently Medicare only allows a certain number of therapy sessions per year -- I'm waiting for the new Medicare year to begin so I can resume therapy. Prior to being cut off, I was having two therapy sessions per week. When the new year begins, I will ask for therapy only once per week. When this first happened, I was still working and I had insurance through my work. This insurance company also limited my therapy sessions, but it did pay for my initial surgery. I have been walking and hiking and, you're right, it makes me feel better. Thanks so much for your reply.

Ron, thanks for your input. I have been walking and hiking. Been sleeping and eating okay. Therapy was helping me, but I have had my allotted number of sessions for the Medicare year, so I am on my own. I have been trying to find books that may help, but that is proving to be difficult. If you know of any helpful books, will you let me know? Again, thank you for your reply.

hi carol--I would call your therapists they might be able to print you out exercises for home and yes I would go once a week and have them give you home exercises. I have stretch bands and ankle weights , dumbells and I can do all exercises that I did in therapy at home- they didn't offer much. My pcp dr gave me exercises for bursitis also-check with them too! Sorry don't know of any books, take care-remember we are accident/injury prone!

Hi Carol, I also had a ruptured aneurysm in Oct. of 96. You did not say where it was, that makes a difference on your out come. As for the being tired that will get better with time. Are there any support groups in your area, those might help with things you are going through. I go to them every month and new people coming in hear that others went through it to. Good Luck

It was a subarachnoid hemorrhage -- I don't know if that tells you anything.

its been 3 yrs for me and im still tired all the time :(

It does take time and patience to learn your new "normal" Unfortunately we want the "normal" right now as it never happen. its been 12 years and i still dont feel normal. One day at a time. Hope you find your normal and share it with us!