New to the site

New Friends,

I am technically challenged and having difficulty in moving around the site. I thought when I entered my story it had been shared. Can anyone explain the what happens if I do the cut and paste as instructed?


The page you told your story is your actual "member page" ... many here only come to the front forum page (where this above question is?)....if you wanted to share your stotry, etc., with more...sometimes good to "copy and paste" here...only a suggestion...not mandatory...

It takes time to learn the site...~ Colleen

hi dancer! Welcome! Hang in there! I have never used cut but have done copy and paste, I am a newbie to internet and computers too--it does get better!!!! lol- If i can do it anyone can! Practice makes perfect. Don't forget to save or add before you leave the page you're writing on or you will lose it. Stop by the chat room its great practice-look for main room at the bottom right or for full screen under the members at the top. See you around!~~